What is encouraging UK workers to move abroad?

In partnership with The Network and Boston Consulting Group, Totaljobs recently launched the latest findings from the Global Talent Survey, in a report entitled Decoding Global Talent. The report contained findings from 366,000 respondents from 197 countries who offered their insight as part of the Global Talent Survey.

The research found that 62% of UK workers would be willing to work abroad. Delving further into the reasons behind this shows that while many are driven by wanderlust and the opportunity to live in a different culture, a large volume of workers see the career opportunities that moving abroad offers, through an improved skillset and work experience.

Fewer individuals are keen to move abroad specifically for an attractive job offer, which suggests that relocating for work is very much about the experience as a whole. Employers recruiting internationally can make the most of this by highlighting the offerings of the overseas location, beyond that of company culture and the role itself.

Why do UK workers want to move abroad?

  1. Broaden personal experience
  2. Better career opportunities
  3. Opportunity to live in a different culture
  4. Acquiring work experience
  5. Better standard of living
  6. Improved salary prospects
  7. For studying
  8. Meet new people/build a new network
  9. A specific attractive job offer
  10. Learn a new language

Willingness of UK workers to move abroad for work has increased by 18% compared to findings from the Global Talent Survey 2014, but the reasoning behind this has largely remained the same. However, the weight placed on some factors has shifted compared to 2014. Salary prospects have moved to be the 8th most common reason to move abroad (in 2014, this was 6th). Better standard of living now sits at 5th, compared to 7th in 2014.

Those who are more likely to relocate within the UK rather than abroad are motivated by similar factors to those willing to move abroad. Better lifestyle is sought by 42% who are open to relocating in the UK, 38% seek better employment opportunities and 32% wish to live in a desirable area, according to Totaljobs research.

What does this mean for British employers?

While the global working landscape continues to change, UK recruiters need to focus on perfecting their application and onboarding process, to ensure that candidates remaining in the UK are not discouraged from pursuing a role because of an inefficient recruitment process. Advancements in technology make it possible to personalise the experience for multitudes of candidates simultaneously, optimising your recruitment process despite the increased willingness of some UK workers to move abroad.

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