What do you mean candidate experience?

candidate experience

Candidate experience remains one of the most vital elements of recruitment that can directly affect the brand of the company. Its importance is stressed constantly, but what does it actually mean?

We explain what candidate experience is and how you can improve it.

What is it?

Candidate experience includes any and all interaction between your company and the candidate.

It begins from the moment they contact your agency, whether through an email, phone-call or simply visiting the website. It’s how the candidate thinks and feels about this interaction, whether conscious or not.

Why bother?

Focusing on the experience of the candidate improves the recruitment process by making it more people orientated. Improving the recruiter-candidate relationship will undoubtedly help the effectiveness by improving communication. Beyond this it also helps the recruiter to retain candidates.

If you leave a lasting impression on a candidate it will affect how they view the company and make them more likely to recommend your service or use you again in the future. Likewise, bad candidate experience is not limited to that particular candidate’s non-return but can also spread via word-of-mouth and negatively impact your company’s image.

Be more personable

With the recent rise in online recruitment, it’s even more important to maintain a personable approach when dealing with candidates.  When people are looking for a new career which is undeniably a life-shaping decision, they want to be acknowledged.

Recruitment is a people industry that is contingent on the needs and concerns of people. They can’t be reduced to automatons that just fill job vacancies. This is why it’s essential for you to make time for your candidates. A face to face meeting if possible, or at least make time for a phone call where you can take note of what they need and acknowledge them as an individual.

Time is precious in recruitment but the bond established through this connection is invaluable and is the key to good candidate experience.

Help the individual

Everyone is different so each case should be judged individually – there is no one way to treat candidates.  As well as acknowledging the candidates individual needs in terms of the career they are looking to pursue, each person will have different preferences in how they like to communicate.

A key part of the service provided by a recruitment agency is helping the candidate to better themselves, and to obtain a job that is fitting of their potential. Constructive feedback will help the candidate to identify problems and help them to achieve more. You should offer an honest opinion and deal with criticism in a graceful manner.

Keep in contact

From the off-set you should keep the candidate in the loop. Make sure they know what stage of the recruitment process they are in and how long you expect it to take.

Make plans to contact the candidate regularly and keep to your plans! If there is a long stretch of no communication, the candidate may feel disregarded and look elsewhere despite the fact you may be working hard to find them something. So make sure you include and update them.

Once a candidate commences work it’s vital to stay in touch. Initially you want to make sure they are content and that their expectations have been met. You want to identify and resolve any problems where possible, and ensure they have made the right decision and are content. This level of consideration will let the candidate know you have their best interests at heart.

In providing good candidate experience it could potentially lead to more recruitment or if it doesn’t work out, you’ll be able to reposition them based on this experience. Just remember that today’s candidates are tomorrow’s clients.



  1. employmentpakistan01 July 15, 2014 at 7:20 am

    I believe the candidate experience means, he has high level cognition in their arena and attend something different from some other.

  2. Alconcalcia July 17, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    If you need to ask the question “why bother?” regarding the candidate experience then you probably shouldn’t be in recruitment

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