Office features: what is the impact of your workplace features? From the ‘cool’ to the practical

The latest research from Totaljobs has revealed that one in three employers are actively investing in their office space in a bid to boost staff wellbeing and ultimately increase productivity.

Added office features serve multiple functions, ranging from the practical, to those  promoting comfort and wellbeing, as well as that added ‘cool’ factor. The top ten most common features are:

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Features included in workplaces have gone far beyond amenities like shower areas or bike storage. Quirky additions such as sleeping pods, a bar or football table are now becoming more common – but are there provable benefits?

Improved wellbeing

Fun perks such as a games room, or other endorphin-releasing features like lunchtime fitness classes help to reduce stress, according to 40% of employers. Welcoming pets into the office is a newer trend that 8% of employers currently offer – many studies highlight the health benefits of having a furry friend by your side while you work. 10% of UK workers have access to inspirational talks during lunch breaks, offering up the chance to share aspirations and de-stress by gaining insight from industry experts.

Increased productivity

One in five employers believe ‘cool’ office features can boost the productivity of workers. Despite the potential to increase output, some employers are choosing not to update their workplaces. 40% cite a lack of space, 17% believe ‘cool’ workplaces are just a fad and 15% have financial concerns to factor in.

Attraction and retention

One in five have left a job because of disliking the space they worked in. Employers are aware of the difference a stylish office can make; 25% believe it contributes to staff retention. Not only can the office keep staff for longer, modern features can help to attract new employees too. One in ten UK bosses say their office helps to attract talent; 13% claim younger generations in particular are wooed by this style of workplace.

Lynn Cahillane, Head of Marketing at Totaljobs, said:

Our working environment undoubtedly has an impact on both our mood and our output, and with the average working week meaning that many employees are spending over 40 hours in their offices, it is clear to see just how significant these spaces are.

“With mental health concerns within the UK workforce at an all-time high, paired with a national productivity crisis, our research reveals the importance of investing in office space as a method of reducing stress and boosting outputs. By providing perks, from something as practical as showers and bike storage, to the offer of unlimited snacks or a games room, employers can help to alleviate stress within the workplace and consequently boost morale and productivity.”

For more information about workplace productivity and how ‘cool’ offices, remote working and presenteeism impact this, download our latest report.

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