Totaljobs social care report: third party references

The below research is referenced in Totaljobs latest report, ‘Social care: how employers can future-proof an industry in need’:

[1] Age UK, Later life in the United Kingdom 2019

[2] Centre for Workforce Intelligence, Forecasting the Adult Social Care Workforce to 2035, July 2016

[3] The measurement of value of goods and services, calculated by output minus consumption.

[4] UK Parliament: Medical services and social care sector report

[5] Skills for Care, September 2018 report

[6] Skills for Care, September 2018 report

[7] Data from StepStone Insights, showing average time spent in a role (worker hasn’t necessarily joined a new company, but may have changed job title within the same organisation).

[8] Huffpost, Think Millennials are purpose-driven? Meet Generation Z

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