Totaljobs and Good&Co bring psychometric testing into the UK recruitment market

Totaljobs is announcing a new integration with candidate personality and company culture matching platform Good&Co. This exciting development means that employers advertising on Totaljobs can ask applicants to complete a psychometric test, helping them to assess their suitability further before an interview. This industry first aims to revolutionise recruitment, by making the process more efficient, so recruiters can optimise their time interviewing only the most relevant candidates.

What is Good&Co?

Good&Co is a San Francisco based technology firm, acquired by StepStone in 2016. With over 2.7 million profiles in their psychometric database, Good&Co leverages over thirty years of research in career psychometrics and psychological analysis. This enables them to provide quantified, science-backed insights into applicants, as well as company culture.

The science behind the technology measures eight personality factors, moving beyond the typical “Big Five” of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. It also utilises psychometrics, psychology and behavioural neurosceince to assess additional factors, including emotional intelligence.

How does Good&Co work alongside Totaljobs?

Good&Co is accessible from Totaljobs’ Applicant Manager as an optional extra – at no additional cost. Recruiters who want further insight into an applicant can request they complete a psychometric test through Good&Co. Following this, recruiters receive detailed candidate insights, beyond the experience on their CV.

How does the integration with Good&Co help recruiters?

  • After an applicant has completed the personality quiz, recruiters are provided with a psychometric report. This informs them of the candidate’s key traits, giving them an idea of the candidate’s preferred working style.
  • Personalised interview questions are also suggested, so recruiters can make the most out of interviewing a candidate.
  • Existing teams can also complete the personality tests, giving businesses insight into their existing company culture and how an applicant would operate in this environment.

This unrivalled insight into applicants builds a picture of them beyond a CV and cover letter, ultimately saving employers time during the recruitment process, by getting a clearer impression of a prospective employee before inviting them to interview. By also gaining knowledge of how an existing team functions, recruiters can more easily identify what their company needs in order to operate at maximum productivity and ensure teams can work alongside each other seamlessly.

Bonnie Andrews, Head of Product at Totaljobs comments:

“The announcement marks another exciting step in our mission to help candidates find a job they love, and to help recruiters find the right candidate for a successful hire.  Now, not only do we offer employers access to over half of the UK’s working population, but we can offer real insight into these candidates, and enable recruiters to remove any guesswork from hiring.

The tool is designed to tackle pain-points of employers, helping to boost the relevancy of applications against the mounting cost of an unsuccessful hire. Perhaps just as importantly, it allows recruiters to save time, by allowing them to pre-screen a candidate’s suitability before inviting them to an interview.”

Samar Birwadker, CEO and Founder at Good&Co comments:

“Good&Co’s partnership with Totaljobs merges the innovation of Silicon Valley technology with the best-in-class expertise of the UK’s largest job board. The Totaljobs platform allows Good&Co to bring its technology to millions of UK jobseekers and employers giving them access to powerful tools to leverage culture-fit in a quantifiable way for the very first time.

With over 50 million questions answered by millions of jobseekers at over 10,000 companies, Good&Co leverages big data, A.I. and machine learning to deliver a quantifiable, competitive advantage to companies and managers to make better-informed decisions. This integration marks the first time psychometrics and soft-skill assessments have been implemented at such a massive scale.”

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