Top 10 recruiter tips

recruiter tips

As an ambitious, successful recruiter you know what you need to do to find that ace candidate and keep your clients coming back for more. But as we emerge from the dark years of recession, it’s becoming clear that the recruitment world has changed.

So, what do hot recruiters need to know about the employment scene at the moment? To help you stay ahead of the competition, we’ve compiled a list of 10 top recruiter tips to sharpen up your recruitment practice…

1) Get plugged in

Online recruitment is evolving dramatically and today’s digitally informed jobseekers have high expectations. To attract switched-on candidates, you’re going to need a comprehensive website with easy online search facilities, email feedback and even podcasts and vodcasts. You also need to ensure you have competitive advantage by boosting search-engine optimisation.

2)  Stay ahead of the curve

Have you tapped into Gamification? This is the adaptation of video games to recreate virtual business situations and ultimately reveal hidden talents when sifting candidates during the recruitment process. Companies such as L’Oreal, Marriott Hotels and KPMG are among those that have used it to assess how candidates perform.


3) Stay mobile

Not even a techno-dinosaur would dream of leaving home without their mobile nowadays. Let’s face it, you can book holidays on it, check football scores, do your banking and receive traffic updates on them – so why not get a job, too? Take note that jobseekers increasingly hunt for vacancies using mobiles and tablets, so make sure you have a mobile-optimised website.


4) Embrace social media

Today’s potential workforce is plugged into social media sites, so you need to be too. They share most of their information on Facebook, Twitter, blogging and Instagram – and it’s also where they look for job opportunities. If there’s one thing you need to do at the moment, it’s to make sure you have a social media presence.


5) Gather information

Data and knowledge are the keys to a winning online recruitment strategy. Through this information you can target candidates, learn which recruitment methods are the most attractive and measure success. It should also help you to decide which recruitment channels to use and which messages to promote.


6) Quick and convenient

The recruitment process is a time-consuming one, and as you know a lot of time and money can be wasted on interviewing the wrong candidates. Video interviewing has many benefits, including saving travel time and costs for candidates and streamlining the recruitment process for you.


7) Stay personal

Don’t become too geeky. Ok, so we’re living in a digital age, but don’t forget the personal stuff too.  Recruitment is still a people industry driven by relationships and networking, so continue to make face-to-face time, with candidates and clients.


8) Keep records

Clients want to see proof of efficiency. Fortunately, online recruitment methods mean you can easily track your return on marketing spend whether you’re using social media, search engine marketing or evaluating the effectiveness of your website. And if it isn’t working, you need to find another way.

You can also measure – and easily present to clients – your success rate in making long-term placements.


9) Think outside the sector

Swathing cuts to the civil service and other industries are swelling the jobseeking ranks. The good news for recruiters is there are still lots of fresh talent with transferable skills out there.

Cross-sector recruitment is trending with employers, so consider and encourage applicants from outside the industry in which you are recruiting. For instance, front desk civil servants or retail workers can bring great customer service skills to the hospitality industry.


10) Get back to the future

Young people have different expectations of work, and they’re not necessarily looking for a job for life and expect to move onwards and upwards quickly.

Consumers are changing, too. They expect businesses to keep up to date with trends, be tech savvy and approachable. As a recruiter, you need to re-connect with your clients, get under the skin of their business and ensure you’re recruiting staff with the right qualities.


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