Maximising and maintaining productivity in the workplace

The UK’s productivity rate has stagnated following the 2008 financial crisis, meaning the country is not only at least 20% below pre-recession trends forecasted, it is one of the least productive nations in the G7.

With this in mind, Totaljobs and our partner Jobsite wanted to take an in-depth look at the intricacies of workplaces around the UK to see how this productivity slump effects every day working life. We turned to 250 employers and 1,000 employees alike to gather insight on what drains productivity and the methods currently being used to tackle it.

Key findings:

A rising culture of presenteeism sees over a third of workers feeling obliged to stay behind at work in order to be seen to be more productive.

Benefits of remote working include greater employee independence and boosting happiness, according to 23% and 19% of employers respectively.

25% of employers are planning an office refurbishment in the next year, installing ‘cool’ perks with the aim to boost morale and productivity; yet 51% of workers would still prefer remote working options.

Download the report

Download the full report: The UK productivity crisis – Maximising and maintaining productivity in the workplace


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