Take control of candidate sourcing in 2014

candidate sourcing

Sourcing the best candidates is the most important part of a recruiter’s skills and it always pays to review your existing methods.

Here are some aspects of sourcing you might not have considered to help you take control of candidate sourcing in 2015.

Sell yourself

If you haven’t done this already, 2015 is time for you to get proactive and promote your company.

“Candidates work for companies, not for jobs,” says recruitment consultant Max. “If your company is seen as progressive, with a clear culture and vision, as well as a great environment to work in, candidates will come to you.”

So how can you do this? “If your employees like working for you, encourage them to recommend the company to their friends. Remember if you value an employee, there is a good chance they will know other top talent.

“If a position is available, make sure you hit candidates with the potential in the first line of a job description. There are so many jobs out there, make sure yours stands out as a career choice.”

Get social

I can see those heads nodding and the mantra of “Yeah, yeah, I know”. But this is important. If you aren’t interesting then you won’t attract the top people.

“You have to give people a reason to keep coming back to your website, social platforms and blogs,” says recruitment consultant Max. “Inform them of your business, communicate and interact on topics of interest and, of course, tell them about the roles available. If you are active, creative, passionate and energetic in your offerings, you are highly likely to attract people with the same attributes. So go for it!”

Homeward bound?

In November 2014, the Office for National Statistics estimates that 325,000 people left the UK in the year up to June 2014.

For recruitment manager Louise that is a great source for candidates. “Recruiters often forget that these people do come back,” says Louise.

“Don’t forget talent can be scattered far and wide. I have located a number of individuals for financial clients from all around the world and targeted them for positions over here. It is an untapped resource in my opinion and is a great way of widening your talent pool.”

Retain and nurture

“We all have to recruit and source candidates at some point,” says recruitment manager Louise, “But don’t forget retention. Think about what your existing personnel needs in 2015 and keep them happy in an energetic and progressive company.

“Gather information about training needs, appraisals, objectives and skills for individuals and departments. Pinpoint what is needed and line managers should identify appropriate courses or training that would benefit.

Also think about mentoring, shadowing, seminars and workshops. Everyone wants to be involved and not be left behind. Company happiness and satisfaction can only benefit as a result.”

In conclusion…

Candidate sourcing is like a well-oiled machine. A little tinker here, a little drop of oil there can be vital in improving your pool of talent. But never forget what you already have, after all, the best candidate might be right under your nose.


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