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Recruiter Soap Box: Are young British workers slacking?

SundbergIn case you missed it, renowned television chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver, recently interviewed for the Good Housekeeping Magazine, said the following about the lack of work ethic from young British workers in his kitchens: ‘British kids particularly, I have never seen anything so wet behind the ears. I have mummies phoning up for 23-year-olds saying to me, “My son is too.
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Totaljobs recruiter news 13.05.13

All the jobs industry news you need to know in the UK Young people “giving up” on looking for work Global youth unemployment is close to “crisis peak” as young people are increasingly giving up on looking for work, a report by The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has warned. The report, Global Unemployment Trends for Youth 2013, said the.
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Working parents: can they actually afford to work?

Today’s working parents in the UK are caught in a worrying spiral of increasing childcare costs and failing family incomes. According to a recent article written by Childcare Minister, Liz Truss MP, in the Telegraph, “high childcare costs are putting British mothers off going out to work”. The article points to figures from Eurostat, which produces detailed statistics on.
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