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Making the most of employee advocacy

Building your online presence naturally involves looking at the metrics of engagement and reach. While much focus is often placed on boosting the brand through the company website and social channels, this kind of communication typically comes through the voice of the business. In reality, businesses are successful because of their people – so it’s essential that your employees are.
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What are the benefits of a ‘cool’ office?

The latest research from Totaljobs has revealed that one in three employers are actively investing in their office space in a bid to boost staff wellbeing and ultimately increase productivity. Added office features serve multiple functions, ranging from the practical, to those  promoting comfort and wellbeing, as well as that added ‘cool’ factor. The top ten most common features are: See an.
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Can taking a full lunch break improve productivity?

A study of 7,135 totaljobs users revealed that despite it being enshrined in law, over half of UK employees never take a full lunch break.  Over two-thirds of respondents told us that the reason for this was simple: they have too much work to do. Initially this seems like great news for employers. It shows commitment, a hard-working ethos, and suggests.
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