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The UK productivity crisis

The latest totaljobs research has revealed that UK businesses lose £4,500 each year on every unproductive worker. The UK’s productivity levels, calculated by looking at the GDP output per hour worked, has stagnated since the 2008 financial crisis, and currently sits 20% lower than pre-recession trends forecasted, leaving the UK as the second least productive country in the G7. To find out.
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Solving the UK skills shortage

Totaljobs and Robert Walters recently surveyed over 5,000 UK professionals and employers in order to shine a light on the challenges facing British recruiters. The resulting report, ‘Solving the UK Skills Shortage’ has revealed that two thirds of recruiting businesses expect to struggle to find the candidates they need. What’s more, half of UK employers believe that.
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Totaljobs study reveals that UK job adverts carry unconscious gender bias

With diversity and the gender-pay gap a key focus of many UK organisations, we have conducted extensive research into how the language of a job ad could impact on diversity. Using previous academic research from The University of Waterloo and Duke University which outlined a series of male and female gender-coded words, we analysed 76,929 job adverts over a six week.
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