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The path from agency to in-house recruiter

agency-in-house-2If you love recruitment you may be tempted to follow the path from agency to in-house recruiter. Although most HR generalists recruit, some organisations find it makes commercial sense to bring expert recruitment skills in-house. It’s a well-beaten path; if you are employed as an agency consultant you work closely with HR departments who will quite naturally spot you for new.
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How can agency experience set you up for in-house recruiting?

agency-in-house Sharpening your skills by working for a recruitment agency seems a wise decision on the path to joining an in-house recruiting team. It is a well-worn route. It is hardly surprising given that the very efficiency of the hiring process is determined by such day-to-day recruitment fundamentals as interviewing candidates, talking to agents, and checking CVs. These are practices to.
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In-house recruitment Vs agency recruitment

I’ve previously worked with some leading brands where I was in charge of running in-house teams, but since moving to the dark side there is one question I get asked at every networking event I go to: “Why won’t the in-house recruitment team answer the phone when I know I have candidates to fill their vacancies, especially as in-house recruitment.
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