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How to approach gender transitioning in the workplace

How to approach gender transitioning in the workplaceThe personal journey of changing one’s gender is a challenge within all aspects of life. This most certainly includes work and the workplace, where how we’re defined as individuals informs a wider, collective purpose. Employee and employer therefore share certain responsibilities within a gender transition to successfully support it. In this feature we shift the perspective slightly to consider how an.
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Studying the work environment – a totaljobs survey

totaljobs survey resultsUnderstanding the ambitions, needs and conflicts of the workplace is the keystone of building a credible and proactive HR policy. It means that your company can offer jobs that people want to apply for while also keeping current employees happy. The totaljobs team have undertaken a survey to identify the pressures and preferences of the workplace, from the benefits.
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How to be successful in recruitment

expert answers with greg savageThe biggest cause of placements going wrong is the recruiter making assumptions. Assumptions that are flawed. Information is what drives success in recruitment. And that is why our industry will never die. Because the craft of managing the process still determines whether a candidates is offered and, crucially, accepts a job. Successful recruitment is not all about ‘sourcing’. It is.
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