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The impact of negative working relationships and how to fix them

Fall outRecent research from Totaljobs has found that 6 in 10 UK workers have someone they consider to be a ‘work enemy’. While ‘enemy’ may seem a strong word, the impact poor working relationships can have on a team, and department shouldn’t be underestimated. Our research revealed that over three-quarters of people who say that they have a poor.
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Making the most of employee advocacy

Building your online presence naturally involves looking at the metrics of engagement and reach. While much focus is often placed on boosting the brand through the company website and social channels, this kind of communication typically comes through the voice of the business. In reality, businesses are successful because of their people – so it’s essential that your employees are.
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Top tips to keep your team firing on all cylinders

Employee engagementIn a survey of over 4,000 candidates and their employers, we discovered that than 1 in 4 employers are struggling to keep their team engaged at work. So what can you do to keep employees happy, engaged and productive for years to come? Hit the ground running The quest to keep employees engaged begins the moment they join. Research shows that almost a.
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