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Top 5 entry-level jobs

Top 5 entry-level jobsGet your career off to a flying start with our roundup of the best junior roles around – whatever you’re looking for. Deciding on a career is probably the single most important decision of your life. Think about it: you’re going to spend at least eight hours a day, five days a week in your job. Your earning potential, your daily.
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Lee McQueen: why recruiters should look at new talent

With unemployment at an all-time high, recruiters are inundated with candidates to choose from, so sometimes it’s easy to be fussy about your candidates and only pick the most experienced. We know it can seem daunting sending a new school leaver or someone with different industry experience to a client. You panic they may cost more to train, or they’ll change.
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Apprenticeships: are they making a difference?

Two key things happened in the jobs market towards the end of last year. In November, youth unemployment topped the landmark figure of 1 million; and around the same time, the Government announced it would boost spending on apprenticeships by £250m as part of a wider £1bn youth unemployment package. During 2011, the Government spent a total of £1.4bn to create.
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