Social recruiting: Act now or forever play catch-up

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In this series I’ve walked you through how to get recruiting results faster on social media. We’ve also looked at what you can do to attract candidate interest far more effectively on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. But there’s one thing I’ve omitted – and that’s the urgency with which you must now act…

You could miss the boat!

Imagine I could transport you forward in time. Imagine you’re surveying the social recruiting landscape a couple of years from now and you could see that the recruiters who’d embraced social the earliest had built up a lead that others were finding impossible to overturn. Being transported back to today, you’d feel a certain urgency to act wouldn’t you?

Well I’m not Dynamo or Spock, so time travel isn’t on the agenda! But what I can do is share the historical precedent that suggests this is likely to happen.

For those of you who’ve been in recruiting for some time, you’ve probably found yourself wondering how certain job boards came to be the leaders in the field – and how new entrants consistently struggle to gain market share? Even where their offering was fresher and embodied better technology, it’s rare for a new entrant to ever make inroads into the lead enjoyed by established sites. The principal reason for this is the asset pool that the established sites have built.

Brand recognition and reputation are important, but far more important are the huge newsletter mailing lists and jobs-by-email lists that these sites have built. These assets were built at a time when attracting visitors cost a business only a fraction of what it costs today. Hence any new entrant either needs viral success or to burn money on brand advertising to ever build up comparable email lists for their own site. Otherwise they’ll always remain in a distant second place and struggling to play catch-up.

Who’s taking an early lead in your industry?

What’s fascinating is that we’re now seeing the exact same scenario unfold in the social media space. Working with businesses wanting to grow their recruiting presence on social media, we’re seeing brands who are now building a sizeable presence with their social profiles. What’s particularly striking is it’s only possible to grow your followings at a limited rate. So any recruiting brand that succeeds in building up a significant lead is very unlikely to ever see that lead closed by competitors.

The lead of early adopters is in fact likely to be amplified. Over time most social platforms are restricting more and more the activities that you can undertake to grow a following quickly – wanting to push you instead into paying for exposure to build your followings. So you can’t really afford to let your company’s social media recruiting presence fall behind or it could be financially very costly to close the gap at a later date.

The questions to ask yourself then are…

  • Which brands have already built up a sizeable recruiting presence in your niche sectors?
  • Is there anything preventing you from starting to build your own social presence right away?
  • If there are successful brands in your niche (even if not serving your geography), can you learn from their profiles what’s working and what’s generating the most interest?

Glean any insights you can to get your profiles off to a strong start! If there aren’t yet any successful brands in your niche, the challenge and the opportunity of being the trailblazer are all yours!

Final thoughts

What’s particularly important for clients of Totaljobs is the impact that social media has on all your other recruiting activities.

Candidate interest and applications can of course be generated directly from social media. But arguably just as important is the influence that social presence yields in other channels. If candidates have warmed to your company through your social presence, how much more likely are they to apply to one of your jobs when they see them advertised on Totaljobs? If candidates are weighing up competing offers, what are they going to find when they turn to your social profiles for insights about which offer to accept?

It’s these secondary effects that are as yet unquantified but could have longstanding implications for a company’s ability to attract and retain the very best talent. That’s why it’s so important for you to act now!

So you hopefully now have a real sense of urgency. A real desire to go away and ensure your company has a stronger recruiting presence on social than any of your competitors. Should you need further guidance to make this happen, feel free to reach out anytime and we’d be happy to help.

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