1.8 million job applications are made in first two weeks of September as Britain returns to work

With a summer of sport behind us and a new school term beginning, September marks the start of more than a new season. For many, the return to work brings a need for change.

This has been reflected on the totaljobs and Jobsite platform, with the first two weeks of September bringing a huge surge in jobseeker activity.

Application growth

As the seasonal jobs rush gets underway, The Partnership has recorded 1.8 million job applications in the first two weeks of September. This is a 12% increase compared to the last two weeks of August.

One key industry benefiting from this uplift is IT and technology, which recorded just shy of 160,000 applications in 14 days. Meanwhile, traditional industries continued to prove popular, with applications up 35% YOY in manufacturing roles and 18% YOY in the construction industry.

The figures released today also show that 563,000 jobseekers have applied for jobs between 1st and 14th September 2018, which is 50,000 more candidates than the same period in 2017.


Top 15 UK industries by YoY application growth:


  1. Consultancy – 197%
  2. IT and Technology – 125%
  3. Design – 87%
  4. Science – 69%
  5. Banking – 41%
  6. Management – 40%
  7. Manufacturing – 35%
  8. Marketing – 31%
  9. Engineering – 27%
  10. Skilled Trades – 20%
  11. Construction – 18%
  12. Human Resources – 14%
  13. Finance – 13%
  14. Customer Service – 8%
  15. Sales – 7%


What this means for employers


The number of roles advertised on totaljobs also increased by 20% compared to the last fortnight of August with over 105,000 new jobs added, showing that supply continues to exceed demand as we near full employment. However, employers don’t need to worry yet, as there has been a 5% year on year increase in applications.

With employment rates hitting record highs and skilled candidates having plenty of job vacancies to choose from employers must be sure that their job adverts effectively sell their company culture, and position their employer brand in the most persuasive way possible.

Furthermore commitment to adopting innovative recruitment practices and providing a positive recruitment experience can also help ensure that the best candidates do not slip through the net.



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