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Every month we’ll be taking an in-depth look at a particular sector and letting you know how it’s doing. From employment figures and salaries to the latest trends and stories that rocked that industry.

This month we’re giving you a snapshot on the secretarial industry, which year-on-year has gone from strength to strength.

Secretarial jobs market

The secretarial and PA sector has grown substantially this year, in fact the latest quarter was the biggest ever for the industry, with over 23,000 jobs being posted and over 950,000 applications. This was a 13.6% increase on the number of jobs posted and a 10.8% increase in the number of applications compared to Q2 of 2012.

Not only has the sector grown this year but it’s also consistently grown every year, with the amount of jobs being posted rising by 16% year on year.

Not only are the number of vacancies growing, but there’s clearly interest from jobseekers too as the number of applications being sent are also growing by a healthy 12% year on year.

And there appears to be plenty of competition amongst applicants too, with an average 40 applications for every job. Although this is pretty high for the sector, (the highest number of applications was 59 per job at the start of 2012), there has been a small 3% drop in the number of applications per job recently.

Although the figures look promising, the secretarial industry isn’t completely safe as there was a small 2% decrease in the number of jobs posted and a 13% drop in the number of applications between Q1 and Q2 of 2013. This is probably due to a high influx of jobs and applicants in the early part of Q1.

Since the start of 2013, the South East has not only advertised the most secretarial jobs, but it’s also received the most applications in both quarters of the year so far.

For the past two years, Northern Ireland has advertised the least amount of jobs and received the least applications. In fact there’s been a 20% decrease in the number of jobs posted in the last year, and a 2% drop in the number of applicants in Northern Ireland.


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