Relocation: rising job opportunities across the UK

An increasingly mobile workforce across the UK means there is more opportunity than ever for employers based outside of London. Recruiters need not limit their candidate search to their local area – they can expand their talent pool by speaking to those potential candidates who are open to relocating. Key to attracting top talent from across the UK is a strong employer brand, coupled with engagement throughout the recruitment process.

The rise of the ‘Northern Pound’

Recent Totaljobs research into the rise of the ‘Northern Pound’ revealed money goes almost 20% further up North than in the capital. Following this, we’ve highlighted the unique advantages of living and working in particular cities across the UK, encouraging jobseekers to consider these locations when looking for their next job. An alternative take on the typical candidate CV, the “City CVs” for Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Liverpool and Leeds show what each has to offer when it comes to thriving industries, skills, experience, history, areas of note and even famous “references”.

Previous Totaljobs research showed 53% of Londoners would move out of the capital for a better quality of life, even if it meant accepting a lower salary. This shows that the lower cost of living in the North is a bonus for many workers. Many businesses are also reaping the benefits of the North – HSBC moved its retail arm from London to Birmingham, the BBC moved to Salford, Channel 4 to Leeds, while ASOS opened a warehouse in South Yorkshire. Cities around the UK all have a unique offering, brought to life by the City CVs that provide a strong argument for each area.

Alexandra Sydney, Director at Totaljobs commented:

While sometimes overlooked for the bright lights of London, northern cities are hotbeds for talent and opportunity. To celebrate these marvellous cities and highlight the thriving opportunities there, we’ve turned the traditional CV on its head. We’ve created ‘City CVs’ to showcase why jobseekers should consider a particular city when looking for their next job. Much like a candidate’s CV, the ‘City CVs’ make a case for ‘hiring’ a northern city.”

Download your City CV


City CVs for Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham and Nottingham are also available, as key hotspots for talent within the UK.

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