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The founder of Careercake.TV, Aimee Bateman has spent a decade working for some of the world’s largest recruitment companies. Here’s her guide to building an engaging recruitment brand.

1. About us

If you want people to really engage with you, then you should tell them your story. I’m not really impacted by the fact that you set up in 1982 and that your focus is placing the highest calibre of individuals into the…..zzzz.

I am impacted when you tell me that you were unhappy in your career and felt passionate about helping people. You were nervous about setting up a business, but you did it anyway and haven’t looked back. Since then you have a team of sixty consultants in five countries, all of whom push their personal boundaries every day. It doesn’t matter how big you are, every brand has a story.

2. The team

Please don’t think stating their favourite holiday destination, food or a ‘funny fact’ creates any real value. Ask your employees to talk about real stuff. Have they experienced a setback? How did they overcome it? What’s the best advice they have ever been given?

I’ve never known anyone contact a company because they liked the same flavour crisps as one of the employees.

3. Photographs

The best way to promote your company is to show how happy your employees are. Richard Branson said, if his employees were happy, then his customers were happy.

Delete all those images that your designer found online for you. Websites are full of random models that no one actually knows. Hire a photographer to sit in the office and get some action shots during the day.

4. Videos

If you want to create impact then use video. Why not create a video showcasing your team, your values and your motivators.

If a client is happy to give you a testimonial, why not ask them to do it on a video? Rather than writing about that charity event you all took part in, why not film your team running the race for life? Film them with their bright red, but very proud faces. Few things could be more engaging than that!

5. Job adverts

As recruiters we have to write job adverts frequently and the concept of ‘keeping it real’ works really well here too. Rather than just focus on the job duties and the reporting line, actually talk about the people. Make the job seeker really want to be part of the bigger picture.

I’m not saying you should be unprofessional, but I do think too many companies forget to be ‘real’ in the quest for that corporate image.

The quest for engagement and subsequent loyalty from our clients and employees is a constant one. Your website needs to make people want to be part of your team. Even better, make them feel like they are already part of your team!

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