Preparing for a video interview


How splendid that technology has brought us far enough that we can video interview candidates anywhere in the world via the internet? Naturally this is much more personal interaction than a phone call and of course it should be noted that it is a huge advantage to actually be able to SEE the candidate that you could potentially be putting forward to your client. So, how best to prepare?



You will need to make sure you have everything you need in order for the video call to connect – and stay connected. Do you have a secure connection? Are the leads in place? Think through anything that could potentially go wrong with the call and make sure that you or somebody else in your organisation knows how to fix it – and that person is close by to step in and help if necessary.



Make sure there are none, or as little as possible given that you patently cannot be in control everything. If you’re at your desk in an open-plan office, clearly there’s little you can do to stop what is happening around you. Of course warn your colleagues what you’ll be doing for the next however long, but as we know Recruitment offices are rarely places of peace and tranquillity. If you can get to another room and close the door, do.


What you’re actually going to say

Naturally this depends on the usual protocol of your organisation, as well as anything specific that the client will want to know about the candidate. Write down the key things you need to ask and write notes as you go along – Just like you might at a face to face interview. It’s great to ask probing questions and see how they react on the spot, it is a great indicator as to how they will perform at a face to face interview with a client. Keep the closed questions to a minimum in order to keep the dialogue flowing more freely.


Treating them like they’re there

Although it’s a digital connection and clearly not the same as them physically being there, given that it is a huge step up from a telephone call and pretty much the closest thing to a real encounter, you should treat it like one. That means, to make sure you are actually looking at their image on the screen, not doodling on your notepad like you might in a telephone call. Because you can’t always see the image of how you are being shown to them, it’s easy to forget that you are in fact very much visible to them. When possible make sure you can see the image of yourself to remind yourself that you can be seen, and stay engaged with the candidate.


What do you look like?

Recruiters like you tend to be the well-groomed type, however, it is always worth that one last check in the mirror, just like if you’re on a client visit. The way you look is ultra-important in this scenario, whereas unlike in a face to face meeting , the candidate has nothing else to look at. A splodge of ink on your face could go unnoticed (well, maybe not completely…) if they are marvelling at the marble floor or a replica of Rodin’s The Kiss in the middle of the office, but when your face on the screen is all they have, you’d better make sure it’s creating the very best and most professional impression.

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