Mobile recruiting

The possibilities for mobile recruitment are endless, and though exciting, I’m unsure that the majority of businesses have completely caught on to the needs of the new generation.

I recently had my own wake up call at a college event, where I was asked to support and sit in on a Dragon’s Den style panel to scrutinise and determine the best business ideas. Every single idea, without fail, was an app, all of which seemed to claim to solve every modern day issue under the sun! Some of the ideas were valid, some less so, however it served as an eye opener to me, as I came to realise that, although I hate to admit it, the generation that are now leaving school and college think very differently and have very different needs to the generation that went before.

I came away questioning my own business strategy, and although I think I’m savvy where social media is concerned, I still have room for improvement when it comes to capitalising on recruitment applications to tap into and reach what is now a very mobile audience. My problem is that I need to understand from inception to implementation the impact that an app will have on my business, and as a small business, I can’t see the return on it yet. It also looks like some of the bigger businesses and recruiters are having the same issue and are still waiting for big players within the recruitment market to launch their apps, before taking the leap themselves. I’m guessing they probably have the same concerns as me as to how best to implement and integrate apps with their existing business.


Understanding social media

The other issue facing recruiters is that a sizeable portion of them are still not that social media savvy. Many of them don’t really get how Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter work, so downloading and using a recruitment app would be a fairly daunting concept to embrace, which means that many recruiters are still, for the time being at least, using traditional job boards to respond to cross market needs.

However, like it or not, we as recruiters will have to get on board with social media and take up recruitment apps. More of the big phone companies are launching new products, and technology is still rapidly moving forward.  As an industry we need to get to grips with social media and the apps that will enable us to get vacancies out to our target market wherever and whenever, and hopefully at less cost in the long run.

It will also be interesting to see how the main providers of application tracking systems react. This is an area where I’ve had some experience, having worked with a number of providers, who, in my humble opinion, have been slow off of the mark getting social media integrated into their upgrades. I’m guessing it’s a mistake they won’t repeat, but they will need to provide an integrated approach to support their clients’ needs and to respond to the market place.

It is going to be fascinating to watch the future of mobile recruiting unfold, to see where it ends up, how slick the application process will be and how clients and recruiters will respond to the challenges ahead.

However, whichever way mobile recruiting goes, candidates need to be aware of one point. At some stage they will need to sit in an interview or an assessment without phones, apps or social media, and rely on their social and interview skills to acquire their next role.

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