How to make 2015 the best recruiting year ever

have the best recruiting year

For most people a new year gives them a chance to wake up new, wipe their slates clean and start again, in the hope of making progress towards those long-held dreams.

So with a blank canvas stretching out before you, have you given any thought to your recruitment goals? What do you want 2015 to look like? Now is the time to reflect on your past successes, analyse failures and implement new strategies to improve your recruiting.

Here are a few tips to help you get started and make 2015 your best recruiting year ever.

Be easy to find

We all know the ideal recruitment situation is not a numbers game. It’s not about attracting the most candidates but rather the highest quality candidate possible.

A key area to focus on is being accessible in as many useful places as possible, from search engines to social media sites. It’s all part of building a brand that people recognise and want to work for. Every time your potential candidate searches for something job related, you need to be findable. They might not even be looking for a position right now, but they’ll remember you when they are.

So look to your brand and offer something to the community by using the web technology available to you intelligently. It takes time and commitment but by building a strong brand, you will attract talented people who can help you reach your goals.

Focus on clarity

Competition for top talent is really heating up and so it’s more important than ever to get those job descriptions right.

Resist the temptation to recycle the same templates for every job ad you write, they need to be fresh and interesting to really grab and keep the interest of potential candidates.

On a basic level, make sure you’re being very clear about what the role is, the skills required, preferred experience and the personality attributes best suited to the position. Detail is everything and by defining your needs and being very clear about your expectations, you will be much better positioned to make objective candidate selections.

Embrace creativity

Too often we settle for the familiar option in recruiting. While objective recruiting is of course useful, resist the urge to play it safe.

Selecting a candidate who ticks all of the boxes for a role is less of a risk than choosing the candidate that only ticks most of the boxes, but then the second candidate just has a little more drive and a spark that says they’ll fit in perfectly. So, which one do you choose?

Think outside the box this year and challenge your habitual decision making processes. Staying flexible is so important and will allow you to see the bigger picture. Thinking creatively will also give you a chance to do something memorable, and not falling into line with what everyone else is doing.

Check your reach

How are you reaching your target audience? It’s time to look at the metrics and evaluate whether your methods are still productive and if you are reaching the people you want to reach.

Is there a particular area you need to work on, for example your mobile accessibility? You need to identify what works best for you in order to set out what you hope to achieve this year and when.

Coordinate this with your schedules or known busy periods so you know when to really push that audience reach. This will allow you to plan your upcoming media requirements so you have enough time to purchase what you need and implement any campaigns with adequate support.

Number crunching is important here. After all, you want to make sure your targeting is cost-effective as well as efficient! By analysing your reach and planning accordingly, you won’t fall into the reactive trap of scrambling at busy times and running disjointed campaigns.

Stay alert

Keep your finger on the pulse even when you aren’t actively recruiting.

This can be as simple as dedicating an hour a week to engaging with potential candidates, for example answering questions on social media. Always be aware of what your competitors are up to – how are they targeting their audience? When are they recruiting?

Come up with a definable strategy for the New Year and make a commitment to see it through, even during the quiet times. A well-thought out, multi-layered campaign has a much higher chance of success. Remember to allow for change and adapt your strategy according to what is giving you the best results.

With a little organisation and a fresh perspective, 2015 is bound to be a stellar recruitment year for you!

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