Job market in Leeds is strong: download the City CV

Leeds has seen a 33% increase in jobs advertised in the city over the past two years. Technology is currently the most in-demand industry, with a 25% rise in applications. It’s clear the job market in Leeds is booming, and with businesses such as Channel 4 seeing the city as a core hub for talent, creativity and innovation, it looks like its success won’t slow down any time soon.

Leeds has a strong history in trading, beginning with the wool trade back in the 17th century, which have now given way to prominent financial and manufacturing industries. To highlight everything Leeds has to offer, Totaljobs has created a ‘City CV’ that showcases the city’s best attributes. Much like a typical CV, the City CV includes a ‘bio’, ‘timeline of experience’ that shows some of Leeds’ key historical successes, alongside the number of schools and universities that are based there.

Stuart Andrew, Member of Parliament for Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough commented:

“Leeds has long been a vibrant hub for business and it is fantastic to have this confirmation from Totaljobs that the jobs market in the city is continuing to thrive. We are increasingly competing with London to attract the best talent and some of the most exciting businesses. These stats help to illustrate the employment opportunity that Leeds presents and I love the concept of creating a ‘City CV’ to help attract more talent to the area. Our community will attest to the great quality of life this city has to offer and we encourage people from London and beyond consider Leeds when thinking of making their next business or career move.”

Download the City CV for Leeds.

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