Is social recruiting like online dating?

is online recruitment like online dating

Online interaction is a relatively new concept that has started to bleed into all aspects of life. When it comes to recruitment, searching around for the perfect match can start to feel like online dating. At least some parts of it anyway – for example the endless trawling through prospective candidates in order to find a match.

Here are some words of advice that may apply to both finding the right candidate and a potential partner.

Finding your ‘type’

With the pervasive popularity of social media you want to make sure that you’re looking for relevant candidates, so refine your search to the ‘type’ you’re looking for. Have a list of minimum requirements and be aware of those that are more flexible before casting your net.

Some factors will be more important than others, for example, if a candidate lives too far away to commute, than you want to be aware of this before matching them to the perfect client and having them grow attached. Some people can make long-distance work, whether working from home or negotiating hours, but you want to identify this immediately and work to resolve it.

As with dating sites you can locate your type through filters, or more specifically to recruitment with Boolean search strings. But keep in mind those factors that are more flexible as you may be overlooking talent due to having your own preferences set in stone.

There is a lot of potential listed across various platforms so there’s no need to limit yourself if you can’t find ‘the one’. Also you should be aware of the specialist corners of the web, whether you’re looking for a partner in uniform or a job board for engineers.

Pinch of salt

When it comes to creating an online profile there is a certain level of selectivity involved.

When looking at potential matches you have to accept that this will no doubt be a polished version of the actual person behind the profile picture. Most people want to put their best self forward and through online personas this option is afforded to us with the ability to delete and hide those things we’d rather not share! So although a little research (not stalking – definitely not stalking) may be required to look beyond the surface, just know that your expectations may be a little misguided.

The first interview/date

A key likeness between the first interview and the first date is the importance of listening and asking the right questions. This is also a good time to bring up anything noteworthy from their online profile, but do so delicately and gracefully of course.

Then it comes down to identifying their needs, for example, what they are looking for in the long-term and whether this is viable. You then want to inform them of what you will do to try and meet their needs and assure that you will update them throughout the process.

Now here’s where the two seem to differ: if the interview goes well then hopefully the second will be with a suitable client. If after the first date their next is with someone else, that’s probably a bad thing. Don’t take it personally.


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