How to use the CV database

CV database

With thousands of candidates looking for work, recruiters are becoming inundated with applications for every role. As you’ve probably realised by now, this can be both a positive and a negative experience.

It can be great to have a high volume of applications, and the interview room will certainly never be empty, but it’s safe to say not every CV will come from a suitable candidate. Many people will apply for roles they aren’t qualified for, and it’s often your job to make sure none of the suitable candidates slip through the net. It can become a stressful juggling act, especially if the vacancy needs to be filled immediately.

Our third video highlights how our CV database can help you find top quality candidates in a quick and easy way.


Find the candidate

Taking the stress out of headhunting, the video explains that the database is just like a CV library, containing thousands of CVs from candidates who have signed up to Totaljobs.

We understand you haven’t got time to waste, and so searching through every CV on our site hoping to find someone isn’t always an option. This is why our CV database allows you to filter through applications by relevant keywords and location so you can pinpoint the most relevant candidate for the job within minutes.

Not only that, but some candidates will be keener than others to find work, so you can even choose to just scroll through CVs that have been uploaded in the last 24 hours so you only see the latest applications.

Our one minute video highlights just how easy the database is to use, with simple functions and flexible options to suit your own recruiting methods.

CV database

Compare CVs

Whether you’ve got a single vacancy or several different roles to fill, this video explains how our database can help you.

You can do as many different filtered searches as you like, and when you come across a CV that appears to suit the role, you can even download it.

As the video shows, you’ll have a set download allowance so you can even save several CVs at once, so it’s much easier to compare several candidates at once.


Contact the candidate

One of the most important parts of recruitment is making sure you contact the candidate before they get hired by another company. Our video explains how you can use our CV database to contact candidates directly, either by email or by text message.

And because you can see candidate’s CVs irrespective of whether they’ve applied for your role or not, you could end up contacting an ideal candidate before they’ve even seen your ad.


Want to know more about online recruitment? Our simple video guide can help, whether you’re new to recruitment, or just need a reminder.

Interested in posting a job ad with Totaljobs? Our second video shows you how.


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