How to treat your candidates


Recruitment is a people industry that is inherently very personal, so it is vital to treat your candidates well. With online recruitment becoming more prominent it is important to not lose sight of the human elements of the job and be aware of how your relationship with the candidate could affect you down the line.


Help your candidate to develop

In this more social industry it is important to offer full support to your candidates. They should feel reassured by you as a recruiter. You will familiarise them with the various stages of the recruitment process so that they are able to reach their full potential.

Offering constructive feedback will allow the candidate to recognise and act on both strengths and weaknesses. You want to maximise your candidate’s chances of securing a job, but more than this, you want them to develop and improve as a potential employee.

Having a strong relationship with your candidate and maintaining a level of trust is vital when dealing with something so personal. Don’t just think about your candidates as fodder to fill open positions!


Learn from your candidates

Whilst you should support your candidates and help them to prepare for a role, remember that you can learn a lot from them. You should maintain a relationship throughout the process, as it will help you to understand the candidate better and therefore allow you to offer more relevant and succinct advice.

This applies to the client too; through your candidate you will gain a better understanding of the role and then be able to advise accordingly. After all, the candidate will know more about the interview process because they actually go through it!


Stay in the loop

It is important to communicate with the candidate at every step of the recruitment process. You will have to keep them focussed and prepared. Maintain their interest in the role so that you don’t end up preparing the perfect candidate for a job elsewhere.

Make sure you stay in the loop so that you know how your candidate is feeling: opinions can change throughout the process so don’t just make assumptions and stop paying attention.

An effort should be made to stay in touch with the candidate even after they start the job. Assurance should be offered to get through any teething problems that may arise, and it is this consideration that will give stability to your candidate.

Things not to do

The recruiter should not lose contact from conception through to completion. Any number of things could change, but you should know about this if you’ve established a good relationship.

You shouldn’t talk about other candidates as a matter of confidentiality. And it won’t help to establish trust when they think that you might talk about them.



Remember that you are representative of your agency and that the impression that you give will inform your candidate on how to think of the company as a whole.

Treating your candidate well can benefit you down the line. Candidates become clients, so keeping connections with those you interview can actually become a great networking avenue. Similarly, if a candidate does not get a good impression and goes on to be a potential client, you may have missed out on an opportunity to work together.

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