How to build a successful recruitment team

How to build a recruitment team

Your recruitment team needs to be sublime if you want to impress and win clients. But we all know that bringing suitable personalities together into the perfect team is an art form as much as a science. And there’s no one-size fits all approach that’s going to work for such a finely tuned team. So where to look for inspiration?

Twenty Recruitment, a recruitment company based in London and New York, reckons that recruitment companies should look to Silicon Valley.  There are typically 5 common principals to the mindset and success of the entrepreneurial tech companies found in the Valley says its managing director and co-founder, Adrian Kinnersley.


Think of yourself as a start-up

A start up treats its first client like a king; they go the extra mile to make sure that anyone can use them as a reference point as to the quality of the service and the people in the business. A start up team works harder and longer for less because they believe in what they are doing and in the vision of the business.

The employees in a start-up are close-knit and the long term goal of the success of the business is what drives them and binds them.  If you can bottle the feeling of the startup and keep it within your business, then no matter what size it becomes you have a magic formula for success!


People first

Great recruiters value people and show it with clear management and remuneration structures. Many people pay lip service to the notion of trotting out the “people are our biggest asset” stuff, but how many recruitment companies behave in a way that is consistent with this? Very few can clearly articulate how they are paid and how they can achieve progression in their current company. The best brands to work for in any industry tend to have very clear values that genuinely influence hiring and daily behaviours in the business.


Value ideas

Every recruitment company encounters challenges every day and the ideal solution is never found in a text book. The people with the best ideas about how to future proof your business and stay ahead of this curve are not sat round a boardroom table – they are on the phones and shaking hands with the clients.

There needs to be an effective mechanism in the company of getting these ideas from these people to the board room. This clarity and efficiency of upwards communication is traditionally very poor in recruitment businesses and problems are normally identified when someone has left.


Take risks and learn from mistakes

This is a difficult one to grasp as no-one wants to fail but you just have to accept that if you are going to gain market share some things will work and some things won’t. There is no need to tinker with everything all the time, but a great idea is worth trying as long as it runs concurrently with the successful business. The only way to change the game is to try, and if a fear of failure strangles innovation someone else will beat you to the finish line.


Innovate – continuously

Many recruitment companies are not set up for the modern world of recruitment. They organise their companies according to what suits the management rather than what the candidate or client wants.

You need to be able to offer clients and candidates deep industry knowledge and also be a specialist in a vertical market. You need to use social media to source candidates, and use it to create communities of candidates and clients that you interact and meet with regardless of whether they are hiring or looking for work.  It’s time to take a long term view to build your firm’s reputation within each industry you focus on – not to simply chase the next fee.

So there you have it. Act like a start-up and stay that way no matter how big you grow. You’ll be innovative, hungry for your clients’ success and you’ll love your team!


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