How to advertise a job on totaljobs

With so many people out there looking for work, headhunting can be one of the most difficult parts of recruiting. Ensuring that you’re sourcing the right person who has the skills, the personality and who lives near the company can create a huge headache, and that’s without factoring in any salary negotiations along the way.

Online recruitment can take the hassle out of headhunting, which is why we’ve created a video to highlight how easy it is to advertise a job on


Get the right look

We know you want to stand out from the competition when you post a job, so this video explains how you can customise the appearance of your ad on Totaljobs to suit your needs and get noticed by relevant candidates.

As well as being able to put your company’s logo on the ad, you can also create your own stylish template in a few simple steps, so you’ll quickly have a unique ad that stands out from the crowd.

How to post an advert

Writing the job details

Getting the ad looking and sounding right is one of the most important parts of recruitment. Get it wrong and you’ll be inundated with under (or over) qualified candidates in the wrong location, getting the wrong idea of the job, which only wastes your time, as you miss out on interviewing suitable candidates.

Our video highlights the importance of writing a clear job description and shows how we make it easy for you to write and post an effective job ad that is completely clear about:

  • Salary
  • Location
  • Sector
  • Required skills and experience

Even if you’re a pro at online recruitment and picking perfect candidates, every recruiter makes mistakes now and again. Totaljobs allows you tweak your ad at any point, and quickly delete any mistakes which are attracting the wrong candidates, so it’s easier to get the right look for your ad.


After the ad has been posted

Our help doesn’t stop once you’ve posted the job. Our video highlights what we can offer you throughout the recruitment process to help you whittle down candidates and find the most suitable ones for your role, no matter how many vacancies you need to fill.

This includes our dashboard which allows you to keep track on any applications you’ve received, and we even email you any CVs you might be interested in, so you don’t miss any suitable applicants.


Want to know more about how we can help you? Check out our video guides to online recruitment and find out about our CV database.


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