Can technology improve the experience and selection of candidates?

Having been designed by humans each with their own natural biases, some have raised concerns that artificial intelligence will merely exacerbate issues that already exist. While AI cannot be perfect, we’ve seen technology is making a real impact already at all stages of the recruitment process – and there is great potential for it to optimise recruitment even further in the future

The bigger picture

Our recent Global Talent Survey, in partnership with The Network and Boston Consulting Group, offered unparalleled insight into global mobility trends, as well as what workers worldwide desire when it comes to their careers.

The research revealed that the industry is undoubtedly being affected by multiple external factors outside of recruiters’ control – namely: Brexit, a growing skills gap, the fact the UK has fallen from the 2nd most attractive country for work to the 5th and more UK residents are now willing to work abroad. Although the UK overall is less sought after according to our global respondents, London has remained the most attractive city for work.

Despite the bigger picture of uncertainty, there are plenty of things recruiters can do to safeguard themselves as this change occurs – and this is where technology can help. What it comes down to is piercing through the noise and ensuring that attraction, engagement and retention strategies are strong.

Cracking the candidate relationship

Candidates have always been looking for a good salary, benefits and career progression. However, before they secure a role, there are still elements missing for candidates and unfortunately, this is impacting the candidate relationship.

We recently surveyed 13,000 candidates to see how they feel about their job searching and application experience. Almost half say their biggest frustration is a lack of feedback following their application. 96% want confirmation their application has been received; currently, a mere 8% say they always get this. 95% want to be told if they are unsuccessful. These findings show we need to improve communication not just for successful candidates as they pass through different recruitment stages, but for unsuccessful candidates too.

Managing the expectations of candidates is a large part of this communication. If successful, over 40% of candidates expect to be invited to interview within a week of applying. 28% would expect an interview invite within three working days and 46% expect to have secured a role within a month of applying. So, if you know a candidate is the right fit for your company, you need to act fact to ensure they’re aware of timeframes within the process.

Why does feedback and managing expectations through communication matter so much? If candidates have a negative experience of the application process, it can impact your business.

56% of candidates say a poor recruitment experience leaves them with a negative view of the brand; over half would not apply for jobs with the company in the future.

Furthermore, 43% of candidates will share a negative experience with friends and peers; 10% will even share this online. Concerningly, a quarter will stop buying your products or services. This really highlights the importance of a streamlined recruitment process with communication at every step of the way.

How can Totaljobs help?

It is clear that timely, honest and constructive communication is of huge importance for candidates, whether they are successful or not. Often, problems arise when you are faced with a significant number of applications. Personalising a process undertaken by up to thousands of applicants at a time may seem complex, but advancements in technology mean we can do exactly this – and make managing everything straightforward at the same time.

Applicant Manager

Providing candidates with feedback efficiently is easily achieved through our mobile responsive Applicant Manager tool. This enables you to communicate with applicants, from wherever you are, on any device, so you can:

  • Shortlist or reject candidates from application emails or from our platform
  • Set up auto-replies, to easily acknowledge receipt of an application
  • Communicate with candidates in bulk, improving your relationship and managing expectations
  • Automatically filter applications with advanced screening question technology, so you can contact the best talent fast


If you advertise across multiple platforms, you’ll need a full applicant tracking system. There are a plethora of options on the market, which means it can be tiring searching for the best one. To solve this, Totaljobs are partnering with the market-leading US talent acquisition platform SmartRecruiters .

SmartRecruiters utilise next-generation recruiting software designed for the modern workforce and you can try this via a seamless integration with Totaljobs’ own recruiter platform. We can transfer your jobs and applicants, and automatically log you into SmartRecruiters, so that you can see the benefits of a world-class hiring platform.


We are also integrating our Applicant Manager with Good&Co, a workplace culture platform that uses advanced psychometrics and big data to help make smarter hiring decisions. This provides recruiters with insight into not just your applicants, but your own teams and organisational culture. Through this integration with our Applicant Manager, you can request that candidates complete a psychometric profile once they’ve applied for your role. Ultimately, this will improve efficiency within the screening process as you’ll understand each applicant’s compatibility – before organising an interview.

Recruiters will receive a full personality report, which will include suggested interview questions. This technology looks beyond the CV, to focus instead on the candidates who are the best fit for your company.

Technology can optimise recruitment processes

Despite the current uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the skills gap, maximising the talent available can be made easier and more efficient through the use of technology. Workers across the UK and the globe can have a candidate experience that is clear and personable, even when it’s through a screen, talking to a chatbot, or taking an online psychometric test.

For recruiters, advances in technology allow you to more accurately identify, streamline, and communicate with key talent, all in a cost-effective way.

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