Google+ as a recruiting tool


Relatively new to the field of social media, Google+ has quickly grown in the three years since its conception: developing and refining features in an effort to compete with established competitors.

After their initial launch Google+ became the fastest growing network, adding 10million users each month. Statistics now show over 1billion registered users, making them second only to Facebook – although these figures have been deduced from the multiple platforms that Google operates across. Regardless, the expansive reach of Google now makes it a lot more attractive as a recruiting tool.

Circles are the Google equivalent to Facebook’s lists – allowing you to create certain groups of connections so that you can refine the audience of your posts. This is a useful function for recruiters as it enables you to make sure the relevant people see the right posts – so that means a reduced risk of spamming your candidates! While Circles can help to group people together, you don’t have to belong to someone’s Circles in order to view their profile – or vice versa. Profiles can be viewed without becoming ‘friends’ or even sharing a connection.

Despite the ease of access, the search functionality of Google+ is surprisingly limited. There is no geographic locating tool – a location can be searched but it does not filter or specify to current location. Other functions have been added to Google+ however to allow more search capability such as FindPeopleOnPlus and Google X-ray.

FindPeopleOnPlus allows you to search for people based on a number of things such as their occupation and employer, which can be very useful but it can still only specify the country where location is concerned. Google X-ray can be used to scan though a site to find a particular word or phrase, which can actually be used to help specify the location of users. It can also be used in conjunction with other social media sites such as LinkedIn. Whilst you can scan LinkedIn through Google+ for relevant profiles you will still however, be limited to “public” profiles and will only be able to view a fraction of the appropriate people.

These additional search functions do not appear to make up for the lack of precision. And whilst it is aesthetically cleaner to have a single bar, it soon becomes more cluttered the more you wish to search.

Business Pages on Google+ shouldn’t be overlooked as they are integrated with Google’s search engine. Not only will the company page be optimised, but your website (which should be linked through the page) and any content that passes through Google+ will have an increased authenticity and which will undoubtedly affect your SEO.

Despite its huge base of users, Google+ is still in its infancy when compared to other established social media sites. While there are certain drawbacks, with regard to search functionality for example, it does seem as though they are already addressing these issues, which will undoubtedly affect its efficiency as a recruiting tool. With other social media sites developing in parallel we can expect it to get more competitive, which means ultimately better for online recruitment.

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