Edinburgh and Glasgow see a spike in job opportunities: download the City CVs

  • Job opportunities in Scottish cities have soared: Edinburgh has seen an 80% increase in job adverts over past two years; Glasgow has seen a rise of 52%
  • Transport and Logistics and Customer Services are the most in-demand industries
  • Totaljobs creates ‘City CV’ to bring to life benefits of Edinburgh and Glasgow for jobseekers

Totaljobs research shows there has been 80% increase in jobs advertised in Edinburgh since 2016. The new figures show the jobs market is booming in the city as it emerges a growing employment hotspot, competing with London. Glasgow is also in a strong position, with a 52% rise in jobs advertised.

The number of people either changing roles or looking for employment has also seen a steady increase since 2016, with job applications going up by 36% in Edinburgh and a whopping 42% in Glasgow.  Roles in the Transport and Logistics sector are most in demand in Edinburgh, with Totaljobs recording a 9% increase in applications over the past six months. Whereas in Glasgow, the Customer Service industry is booming.

These findings come hot on the heels of recent research by Totaljobs that showed that while London may have long been famed for having the best job opportunities, Scottish cities are becoming increasingly attractive. The research showed that Edinburgh residents have a better work-life balance, recording a whopping 80 hours of additional free time each year compared to their London counterparts. Since they also spend 43% less on total household rent compared to Londoners (£599 vs. £1,053) each month.

Glaswegians have a very competitive rent compared to London, standing at £457, less than half of London’s average of £1,053. Those living in Glasgow also have a much shorter commute which gives them an additional 120 minutes per week, allowing them to have more time to enjoy the things that really matter, compared to those living in London. Both cities are proving they are an attractive alternative to London.

The appeal of Scotland is not going unnoticed with workers across the UK. Totaljobs research has also shown that 53% of Londoners would accept a lower salary to relocate to a new city if it meant a better quality of life, providing businesses based in Scotland with a real opportunity to attract jobseekers.

To celebrate Edinburgh and Glasgow and highlight the thriving job opportunities in the city, Totaljobs has reversed the traditional CV to create Edinburgh and Glasgow ‘City CVs’ – a city profile bringing to life its best attributes and most attractive factors. Formatted and written much like a candidate CV, the ‘City CV’ makes the case for ‘hiring’ Edinburgh, encouraging candidates to consider the city when looking for their next job opportunity. In keeping with turning the idea of a CV on its head, the City CV is also designed to support employers selling their employer brand when looking to attract new talent to Edinburgh.

Alexandra Sydney, Director at Totaljobs commented:

There is a thriving jobs market in Scotland with a huge number of opportunities not only for jobseekers in the area but also those considering relocating for work. It has been great to see the impact of big investment in Edinburgh, like the transformational development of Edinburgh St James, helping to spur on the jobs market in the city. Likewise, it has been great to see the flourishing new business scene in Glasgow, with more enterprises being created each year and over 360 in the last year alone. Business growth has meant the rise in vacancies outpaces applications, so there’s a wide range of roles available for talent in Scotland – meaning employers need to ensure they stand out from the crowd when it comes to recruitment.

Whatever their story is, there’s a reason why a business is based where it is. That local pride can be tapped into and shared when employers make the most of what’s right on their doorstep. By presenting this visually through video and imagery on company websites and job adverts, they can bring their employer brand to life.

We hope our fun take on the traditional CV helps to shine a spotlight on the opportunities in the city and gets people talking about employment more confidently.”

Euan McNair, Talent Attraction & Employer Brand Leader at Standard Life Aberdeen commented:

“As cities go, Edinburgh is one of my favourites and it is the one I call home. For me, the city has everything, incredible culture and history mixed with a vibrant social scene, it is the perfect blend of old and new.

“It’s a historic yet modern city and that is reflected in the range of career options available. There are longstanding institutions coupled with exciting new ventures. This is part of the draw for relocating to the city, it’s a dynamic that ensures unique partnerships and collaboration which provide unrivalled opportunities for your career.

“Edinburgh is a diverse city, especially when it comes to potential career paths. Be it Retail, Financial and Professional Services, Technology, Education or Tourism, there is a range of options open to those who are willing to relocate here. They will be rewarded with some of the world biggest brands and most exciting start-ups, all set in a city that offers world-leading quality of life.”

MP Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills at Scottish Parliament, commented:

The increase in employment opportunities in Edinburgh is a welcome statistic. With sustained investment in the city, cross-sector opportunities and combined with Scotland’s overall strong labour market, which has now seen a lower unemployment rate than the UK for the sixth month in a row, Edinburgh is well-placed to continue to attract new talent.”

Download the Edinburgh City CV

Download the Glasgow City CV

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