Global Talent Survey: market insight from the world’s largest ever study of workers

The latest edition of the Global Talent Survey launches today with a report entitled Decoding Global Talent. This report is informed by insight from more than 366,000 workers across 197 countries worldwide.

These extensive findings are collaboratively compiled by Totaljobs as a founding member of The Network, an alliance of market leading job boards in over 130 countries, in partnership with Boston Consulting Group.

The Global Talent Survey uncovers a wide scope of unrivalled insight that spans the globe: from how the UK is perceived by workers worldwide, the most popular city for work, UK emigration and immigration, plus what the most sought-after global talent is looking for from an employer.

A snapshot of some of our key findings is below – keep an eye out for our upcoming blog series, which will interrogate the findings from the Global Talent Survey in more detail.

Decoding Global Talent: key findings

UK attractiveness for global workers falls

This year’s research reveals that the UK is now the fifth most popular country for workers, falling three places down the global rankings since our 2014 research. Now, the US, Germany, Canada and Australia are more attractive than the UK for global workers.

Those that do rank the UK as the number one country to work are largely from English-speaking Commonwealth nations: Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana and Nigeria. Unsurprisingly following the UK’s Brexit vote, European workers now generally favour the US, Australia, Germany and Canada in terms of work.

But London remains a favourite

Despite the UK losing its appeal for some of the global workforce, London’s ranking has stayed strong. The capital has once again maintained the top spot as the city most favoured by global workers, as was the case in 2014. The most attractive cities for work following London are New York and Berlin.

It seems the global workforce have differing expectations of what the UK can offer them compared to London. Mike Booker, International Director at Totaljobs and MD of The Network, considers the key difference between our nation and its capital city:

“While the UK may have lost some of its lustre, London remains the number one destination for talent worldwide post-Brexit. London’s enduring attractiveness does not appear to have been impacted by the European referendum, and the city’s cosmopolitan reputation as welcoming, open city for foreign workers remains. Additionally, cities are often romanticised by people who may like the idea of a place, while the perception of a country tends to be impacted by more sobering views on issues like education, infrastructure and the political landscape”.

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