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There is no reason why recruitment should be limited to tradition. Creative forms of content can be used to engage an audience of prospective candidates whilst reflecting the values and image of a particular company.

As technology enables more dynamic content, making it that much easier to create and access, there is no reason why recruiting can’t incorporate a style that is visually appealing. This doesn’t necessarily mean high costs either – innovation can be inexpensive.

Creative recruitment content can go a long way in making you stand out but more than this it can help to convey personality, which should be a prime concern of a people industry such as recruitment.


Go Interactive

Utilising new technology various companies have achieved viral fame by adding a level of interaction to their job advertisements. Whilst some have implemented the futuristic vision of augmented reality ( others have even taken to designing their own games. Grabbing attention through the spectacle of design in order to inform about company values, these creative forms of content entice the candidate to interact.

Whilst these examples are rather technologically advanced and require a certain level of know-how (or the resources to find someone with know-how!) the interactive element can be achieved on any level. A more conversational form of interaction can be easily achieved through peer networks, forums or blogs, through social media or your direct agencies website.

An online space dedicated to interaction between candidates and employees for example, could be the most effective way of allowing potential candidates to get a feel for a particular company or position. In creating a dialogue between potential and current employees there is a direct communication that could provide the most reliable and up-to-date information.



Images can be used to add another layer to the description or specification of a job listing for example, and more than breaking up the text they can display information themselves in a dynamic and interesting way.

Infographics are a great tool for visualising information and presenting statistical data. As well as making information accessible through comparative charts and graphs, they can take on the visual style of a company and look altogether more appealing. The presentation of the image is able to make use of the scrolling ability of handheld devices as well as personal computers.

Jobgram ( is a site dedicated to creating such images, displaying various examples that show how a company is able to engage the viewer and be represented by their design.



As with images, video content can provide a visual representation of a company or its values and work towards creating a more prominent voice – and there are no limits to how you implement this particular medium.

In January 2012, Twitter cleverly parodied the idea of the recruitment video whilst using it to show the image of their company as humorous and self-aware. (At Twitter, The Future is You! –

Whilst they were seemingly mocking the idea, they were in fact capatilising on this form of content to represent their company in a particular way – to add personality in a way that would not be possible through more traditional techniques.

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