Candidates gone wild

Sue was a candidate I had head hunted for a junior account manager role. Her phone manner was impeccable and her C.V. was by far the best we had seen, so we had decided to call her in for an interview.

After arriving some twenty minutes late, Sue did a good job of winning us over but our Director is a stickler for time keeping & I knew he had decided he wasn’t going to offer her the job. The interview itself went well, right until the final question when she started crying hysterically.

Upon asking her what was wrong she announced that she had arrived to the interview by bus, where she had been caught in a fight between the driver and a drunken passenger who had failed to pay his fare. Trying to break up the fight and appease the driver, she had been smacked in the face. She had managed to get through the entire interview smiling with a cracked jaw, however just as the interview was about to come to a close, shock had set in and her emotions took over.

I drove her to A&E and following a few weeks of respite, she was eventually offered a full-time role with us.


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