Building a powerful recruiting brand on social media


With the right approach to social media, your company can build itself a huge army of recruiting brand advocates. These are followers who are predisposed to wanting to work for your company – or engaging with your recruitment consultants – and who are also primed to recommend to others that they do the same.

That was the message from my first guest blog for Totaljobs, together with the notion that there’s a first-mover advantage for brands who get this right.
What I didn’t answer was how do you build a powerful recruiting brand on social media? That’s the topic I’ll be addressing here and in three follow-up articles looking at Twitter, Google+ and Facebook in turn.


The building blocks for social media success

One thing is absolutely key to your social media success: providing consistent value and insight to your followers. This may sound blindingly obvious! If you want people to follow you, you must provide them with a reason to want to follow you! But believe me, failing to do this is the single biggest reason recruiters generate poor results on social media.


The right tools for the job?

Typically recruiters fail because they don’t have the right tools for the job. Finding a constant stream of valuable information to share with followers can be a hugely time-intensive task. Imagine trying to keep tabs on your candidate applicants with a paper filing system rather than the latest ATS – you’d drown in the workload wouldn’t you?! Well the same is true of social media and maintaining a continuous flow of quality content for candidates. Without the right tools you’ll just be overwhelmed.


Tool 1: an RSS Reader

The first thing to do is to set yourself up with an RSS reader. If you don’t use one already (and many recruiters don’t!) then I highly recommend Feedly. You can pay to upgrade to a business plan, but for most the simple free version will be more than adequate.

Once in Feedly, search and add as many sources of quality content as you can. Think of recruiting / career advice websites and publications that you really admire. Think of niche websites that you read to stay abreast of developments in your industry. Add these to your Feedly account (to get you started, you could add the Totaljobs and Social-Hire RSS feeds).

Spend a couple of hours with a giant steaming café latte and you’ll do such a great job that you may never want for quality content again! You see every time you return to Feedly, it’ll show you all the latest content from all of these sources – bundled together in one place. That empowers you to find and share great content for your target followers in a matter of minutes each day.


Tool 2: an Excel spreadsheet

However there will be times when you’re just unable to review new content.  A crisis comes up at work, you’re taken ill, holiday season means there’s little new content being published.

It’s at times like these that it’s invaluable to have a spreadsheet filled with evergreen content. What is evergreen content? It’s content that has longevity. Content that will be valuable to your followers six or twelve months from now. The latest hot hiring trends in your sector would be content that’s great to share today. But it’s not evergreen – even a couple of months from now, it’d be dated. How To Prepare For Your Skype Interview, on the other hand, is content that candidates will find invaluable for years to come. It’s evergreen.

As you’re sharing content from your RSS reader, anything that you think is really good and is also evergreen, add it to your spreadsheet for future use. That way you always have a backlog of great content shares for a rainy day!


Tool 3: Buffer

Buffer is a fantastic tool (and the basic version is free) which allows you to buffer up a backlog of content that you’d like to be shared on your social profiles over the coming days and weeks. When you’re in Feedly, click buffer to add content to your buffer and it’ll be shared in the coming days. When a crisis strikes and you need to add all your evergreen content in one go, use the extension Bulk Buffer to add an entire spreadsheet of saved content to your buffer at the click of a button.


Concluding remarks

Being a valuable resource for your followers is essential – and this article should have helped you see how you can do this in a time effective manner. The other essential ingredient is getting on the radar of active users of each platform – and in the follow-up posts on Google+, Twitter and Facebook we will look at this some more.


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