Candidates gone wild

I was once approached by a lady who asked if I employed men, intrigued by the question I admitted that we did and questioned her on whether it would be a problem. She said it was as she had become involved in a relationship with a previous colleague that had turned sour.

I asked if she thought she would inevitably end up having relations with a new male employee if we hired one. She looked at me with a serious, deadpan expression and said YES! She said the men would begin flirting with her and it would cause her problems. She told me she was better off working with just women.

I spent the rest of the day laughing at her mind-set, while admiring her level of self-belief!

Do you know any examples of  bad employees? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Ceci March 5, 2013 at 7:19 am

    Perhaps the candidate was asusimng that your company was like many other companies, who take literally forever to not only initially contact a candidate, but then schedule interviews, and finally offer a job. I have seen cases where this whole process can take months, leaving candidates wondering what their status is. Many companies do not inform candidates up front about the timeframe in which they expect to fill the position. It is not surprising to find that oftentimes other opportunities come up for the candidate and they simply accept an offer from a company that that is a little more prompt in their hiring process. Was it stated up front a specific date WHEN the job was to be filled? Apparently, she needed to give her current employer 2 weeks’ notice but also wanted a little time for herself and be mentally prepared for a new challenge. I wouldn’t call that lying; I would realize the value of someone taking unpaid vacation time prior to starting a new position.I am all for ensuring that the hiring process be as complete as possible. However, hiring managers also need to realize that candidates may likely not wait around forever, and that it is only fair to state when the job is expected to be filled. I have a candidate that applied for a position at the end of February, went on three interviews and the company has still not made up its mind.

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