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The worst job ads ever

It’s tough, writing job ads these days. On the one hand you have to attract your ideal candidate. On the other you must offend no-one, and expect a barrage of mockery and abuse from bloggers if you make any mistakes or try a little bit too hard to be entertaining. Even worse, if you allow the slightest whiff of discrimination.
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Turning a nightmare interview into a winner

Job interviews are highly-charged slabs of social interaction; the stakes are high, emotions are engaged, everyone is stressed, and if things go wrong they can go very wrong indeed.  Failure to spot warning signs can have dire consequences – a bit like failing to notice a smouldering cigarette end in a fireworks factory. These examples show how quick action, or.
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Seven telephone interview shockers

Making a fool of yourself during a telephone interview is one of the most mortifying things you can do – especially if the “you” are the interviewer, and not the interviewee. It’s bad enough in a live face-to-face situation – but then at least you have the chance and the body language to backtrack and make a joke of it.  Much.
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