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What is encouraging UK workers to move abroad?

In partnership with The Network and Boston Consulting Group, Totaljobs recently launched the latest findings from the Global Talent Survey, in a report entitled Decoding Global Talent. The report contained findings from 366,000 respondents from 197 countries who offered their insight as part of the Global Talent Survey. The research found that 62%.
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Creating an attractive relocation package

Research from Totaljobs has revealed that half of British workers would be willing to relocate within the UK for work. This shows that UK workers are highly mobile within the UK – plus, one in five of the global workforce want to move to Britain. Companies celebrating growth are likely to see this.
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Can technology improve the experience and selection of candidates?

Having been designed by humans each with their own natural biases, some have raised concerns that artificial intelligence will merely exacerbate issues that already exist. While AI cannot be perfect, we’ve seen technology is making a real impact already at all stages of the recruitment process – and there is great potential for it to optimise recruitment even further in.
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London ranked the world’s most attractive city for work

London has remained the number one city for work, according to the latest findings from the Global Talent Survey. As in 2014, the UK’s capital was the most appealing for global workers who were asked where they would consider working abroad. The Global Talent Survey is a comprehensive look at the global stage, with 366,000 respondents from 197 countries offering their.
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The UK loses its appeal to global workers

The UK has fallen from 2nd to 5th most attractive country for work, according to findings from the Global Talent Survey. Insights from 366,000 respondents across 197 countries were published in the Decoding Global Talent report on Monday 25th June 2018. This research, the most comprehensive of its kind, is compiled by Totaljobs as part of Read more

Global Talent Survey: market insight from the world’s largest ever study of workers

The latest edition of the Global Talent Survey launches today with a report entitled Decoding Global Talent. This report is informed by insight from more than 366,000 workers across 197 countries worldwide. These extensive findings are collaboratively compiled by Totaljobs as a founding member of The Network, an alliance of market leading job.
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Improving candidate experience during the recruitment process

Almost a quarter (24%) of candidates would expect to be hired within just two weeks after applying for a role, according to the latest research from Totaljobs. The need to manage candidate expectations has grown significantly in recent years. Increasingly, employers are becoming aware of the potential damage that can be done to a brand, as a result of a recruitment.
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Should employers embrace remote working?

Remote working boosts productivity The UK’s productivity rate is currently the second lowest in the G7, in what experts are calling a lost decade of growth. Consequently, maximising productivity is high on the agenda for employers and employees alike, with many looking towards embracing new working practices as a means of increasing output. The option to work from home is currently offered.
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Presenteeism: the impact of workers feeling pressure to work overtime

The latest findings from The Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that the UK’s productivity rate is currently the second lowest in the G7, having stagnated since the 2008 financial crisis. Calculated by judging the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) output per hour worked in the country, the UK’s productivity is currently 20% lower than pre-recession trends forecasted. With this in mind,.
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Maximising your recruitment: Totaljobs and Jobsite’s new partnership

Earlier this month, Totaljobs and Jobsite announced a new partnership which means we are the UK’s largest hiring platform, giving recruiters more choice and more relevance when it comes to finding the best candidates for their roles. What’s the benefit? Employers’ vacancies will now be advertised across both platforms Giving access to almost half the UK working population through our combined CV Database.
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