About totaljobs.com


Totaljobs.com was launched in 1999, and has since become one of the UK’s biggest job boards, attracting jobseekers and recruiters alike from every corner of the UK. Some figures for you: 4.8 million people use the site to look for a job every month, generating over 2.8 million job applications; there are over 90,000 job ads on the site right now. Totaljobs.com is owned by StepStone.

Jobs confidential

With over 5,000 recruiters using totaljobs.com every month and the jobs market currently sitting at the top of the news agenda, we felt it was the right time to provide depth and context to the stories that matter to the recruitment industry. Armed with a collection of industry experts and incisive journalists, Jobs confidential aims to cut through the PR to give you the inside story on recruitment, and how it affects the UK as a whole.