A guide to online recruitment

Thanks to the internet, the recruitment industry is changing for both the recruiter and the candidate. Because many people are now turning to the internet instead of trawling the streets and newspapers looking for vacancies, online recruitment is becoming a popular option, especially if the vacancy needs to be filled quickly.

As well as making job hunting easier, this online boom is good news for recruiters too.  Whether you want to advertise a single role or need to fill hundreds of vacancies, posting a job online is becoming the best (and easiest) way to target the massive job seeker market.

Because 1 in 6 job seekers use Totaljobs, we’ve created a series of videos to explain what our job site can offer you, how we target candidates, and how you can get the most out of Totaljobs. Our first video focuses on the benefits of online recruitment.

Get noticed

Finding the perfect candidate is often about advertising in the right place at the right time, as it can be easy for them to miss suitable jobs, meaning you lose potential employees.

Our video explains how we communicate with suitable candidates in a variety of ways, including Facebook and local job maps.

The video also show that we’re taking advantage of the recent rise in smartphones, and targeting jobseekers when they’re out and about as well as when they’re actively job hunting at home.

As well as having a mobile site, we email suitable candidates who match the skills you’re after and inform them of the vacancy.  We also encourage them to apply immediately by providing a direct link to the ad.


Correct mistakes quickly

Even if you’ve been using online recruitment for a while, mistakes can happen. If you’re using print advertising, mistakes can mean being inundated with unsuitable candidates and having to spend more money on a new ad.

Our video explains how easy it is to tweak and change ads, so if you find your post isn’t working or attracting the right people, you can change it immediately.

Guide to online recruitment


Save time

We know that you don’t have time to waste, especially if you’re looking to fill a large number of roles in a short space of time. Our video highlights how quick and easy posting a job ad is, no matter how many vacancies you have.

With a few simple clicks, your ad will go live and be instantly seen by potential candidates.


Reach relevant candidates

With such high numbers of people looking for jobs online, it’s natural to be concerned about the volume of unsuitable applications you may receive.

Our video is there to explain how Totaljobs allows you to target specific candidates in a particular sector or location. This should cut down on the number of unsuitable applications, and gets you noticed by the people you’d want to hire.

Whittling down applicants becomes even easier when you use our CV database, which is explained further in another video.

Still feeling confused by online recruitment? Or just need a small refresher on its benefits? Then check out the video.

Interested in posting a job ad on Totaljobs? Our second video highlights how easy it is to advertise with us.


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