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Building a strong recruiting brand on social media isn’t rocket science. But unless you learn from those who’ve been successful, you could lose months (even years!) figuring out the hard way what works and what doesn’t.

I’m writing these posts for Totaljobs to help spread the message about what works. In my last post The Building Blocks for Social Media Success I helped you figure out how you could become a valuable resource for your target candidate audience through finding and sharing insightful content in a time effective manner. If you haven’t read that one yet, you’ll want to do so before acting on the advice in this piece.

Sharing valuable content is essential. But equally important is getting your profile noticed. Here we’ll look at ways to build your recruitment brand on Twitter.


Watch out for this pitfall!

Think for a minute about running an email newsletter. If you have a big mailing list, but it’s full of email addresses that are out of date, how valuable is that to your business? Hardly anyone’s going to see the content. Hardly anyone’s going to share the content. That big mailing list is pretty much worthless unless it’s made up of people who actively check those email addresses and are responsive to the content that you send out.

The exact same principle holds true when building a recruitment brand on social media!

I’ve seen so many recruiters go out there and search Twitter bios to find 2,000 candidates and clients they could follow on Twitter, in the hope that a portion of them will follow back. The trouble is, the majority of Twitter accounts are not active. They exist, but they aren’t being regularly used by their owners. So they will probably not follow you back – and even if they do, the chances of them seeing your content shares, reading them and re-tweeting them are miniscule.


Following active and engaged users

For the avoidance of doubt, following other people is a very effective way of getting their attention and having them look at your profile and follow you back. The trick is to make sure that you’re only following people i) who are active Twitter users and ii) who are interested in the types of content that you’ll be sharing.

The most effective way I’ve found to do this is to search on twitter for the web domains of the content you’re most likely to be sharing and other similar websites. For example, a search for the URL on Twitter would bring up tweets from the last hours of people who’ve shared content from that website. We know the types of content these people are interested in, we know they are active on twitter and we know that they are disposed to share other people’s content. Great!

Apply the same approach to hunt for people who are active in the niche sectors you serve. You’ll soon be following people who have a high propensity to follow you back, be interested in what you’re sharing and inclined to retweet you.


Mentioning and re-tweeting people

Another great way of getting your profile noticed is to mention or re-tweet other people. But the key is in how you do this. Being personable and looking like you’ve made an effort count for a lot in terms of making someone warm to you and want to follow back or reciprocate the share.

For example, the vast majority of people I see re-tweeting others simply click the re-tweet button and re-share the content as is. No commentary added, nothing to make your re-tweet stand out from anyone else’s or to prompt the other person to reply. Try re-tweeting with your own comments introducing the tweet and you’ll find this produces completely different results!

Similarly, when sharing great content take a few seconds to include the twitter handle of the author of the post – or someone else who would benefit from seeing the post. Both will be alerted to this action on your part and both will appreciate the gesture.


Jumping on every opportunity to engage

Last but not least, jump on every opportunity to engage. Whenever someone comments on your tweet, replies to you, re-tweets you, see if you can turn that into a discussion. The extra minutes involved pay off handsomely as you build a fan base of engaged and appreciative twitter users – all active in the niche sectors that you target.


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