Using Twitter for recruitment

Using Twitter in recruitment

Of all the social networks (apart from Google Plus, that is!) Twitter still proves to be the one that seems to bamboozle and scare recruiters. It may look a mad place to be because of the sheer volume of people and billions of tweets every day, but for recruiters this social network is a ‘must-use’ platform. Let me explain why.

Twitter is a social network that millions of people on it, is accepted as mainstream AND services the needs of EVERY recruiter out there. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • You can easily search for and find people
  • It allows you to converse and engage with people
  • You can build a targeted network of people in your industry/sector
  • You can track and monitor competitors, people, industry keywords,events
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Candidates (and clients) can easily reach out to you


So how do you get started? Here are some tips to start using Twitter for recruitment:


1 .  Be yourself and not a brand. That means using your name as your Twitter name, your photo as the bio picture, and 140 characters about you (tip: use the word recruiter in it!), and showing your personality when you start tweeting. Candidates will engage quicker with people rather than brands.


2. Be VERY clear with your objectives and focus. Understand your sector/industry keywords, which you can use to identify people to find, follow and engage with.


3. Be a voyeur first. Watch what other people tweet, what they say and how they use Twitter. Then take the step and write your first few tweets. Don’t over think them. Make sure you do this before you do no.4, to at least show activity.


4. Start with following people you know. Twitter will help you by searching your email contacts. Export your LinkedIn contacts into your GMail account (for example) to find who is on Twitter.


5. Practice time. If you like a tweet, then RT (or retweet it); reply to people – @twittername – and ask questions; if you like what people are tweeting follow them. Post 3-4 tweets every day, and don’t give up!


6. Don’t follow back everyone that follows you on Twitter. Check their bio’s first every time before you click ‘follow’.


7. Twitter is not a job board so don’t treat it as one. Share jobs yes but  don’t fall into the trap of many recruiters and ONLY using it for their jobs.


This is just for starters, and I will be following up this post over the next few weeks with advice on finding and following the right people, platforms and tools to use and some nifty little Twitter tricks.


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  1. Sean Durrant February 11, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    Of all the Social Networks I probably enjoy Twitter the most.

    My gripe with it is that it comes across as the equivalent of a digital speakers corner with everyone hell bent on shouting their message and less engagement.

    Sean Durrant

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