5 top hiring technologies in 2014


Recruitment is becoming led by technology, and this means that new tools are emerging all the time that empower hiring functions. Recruiters need to move with the time, but often keeping pace with an industry that is going through a technological revolution is far from easy… so we’ve picked out five new hiring technologies in 2014 that could well transform the way you recruit. For the better!


1.    Social360

Social recruiting is currently all the rage among the recruitment industry, but when trying to conduct ‘research’ on a candidate by browsing their social media profiles, it can be difficult trying to find the exact person you are looking for. Social 360 takes that worry away, helping you to track the social media footprints of that potential new placement.

The site describes the software as: “Built by communications professionals, for communications professions, Social360 provides intelligent social media monitoring and analysis by searching for critical conversations taking place on the social web to help corporations assess their presence online and better understand the impact it has on corporate reputation.”

No more worrying about the potential social impact of your new employee, then.


2. Sonru

The internet offers a candidate goldmine for recruiters but what happens when you find the perfect person for a role, but geographic circumstances stop them from attending the all-important interview? Flexible interviewing is required to engage with today’s time pressurised talent. Rigid, face-to-face interview schedules are out, and flexible interview structures, combining out of hours interviews, phone interviews and even video interviews are in.

Sonru (it’s even won awards) enables recruiters and hiring managers to enter their questions, set a deadline and invite candidates from all over the world via email to complete their interview. It’s even available in multiple languages. You might also want to look at some virtual interview technologies like HireVue and TakeTheInterview.


3. MoBolt

Mobile is the buzzword of 2014 for all businesses — and the recruitment sector is no different. Employers are looking to mobile as another platform through which to hire and interview candidates. While candidates are looking, applying and completing job applications and interviews through their smartphones and tablets.

This means that employers have to offer (if they don’t already) an easy and accessible platform for mobile devices, as well as the opportunity to complete applications and interviews on the go to keep up with the overwhelming trends in recruitment. To help recruiters get the most of the mobile market, MoBolt has built an advanced mobile recruiting technology platform that simplifies the mobile application process and delivers an ideal user experience.


4. Qandidate

Recruiters and hiring managers are busy people, so organisation is key to their success. With this in mind, Qandidate, with its sleek all-encompassing system for managing vacancies makes things look easy. You can quickly add and sort your job vacancies and even publish them onto your own career site. If that wasn’t enough, you can then give your vacancies extra exposure. Qandidate will select the most effective jobs sites for you, at the very best price; giving you a completely customised campaign within 24 hours.


5. Papirfly

In this age of infographics and social media profiles, branding has never been more important. And with so many channels available to companies, it has also never been more important for that branding to be consistent. Papirfly offers a whole range of tools across various platforms to help shore up your employer branding and put across the positive image and message you deserve.

Armed with this list of technological must-haves, 2014 is bound to be your best year yet for recruiting great talent.

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