5 tips to enhance your mobile recruiting strategy


Mobile recruitment is more important than ever now that smartphones are more technologically capable and frequently used to surf the internet. People have access to your job boards wherever they may be, but given that mobile recruitment is an entirely different platform, it is important that you consider your recruiting strategy.


First impression

Be aware that your mobile recruiting interface may be a candidate’s first encounter with your agency. This means that their opinion will be formed on this first impression, so make it attractive.

It is also worth considering the consistency of your agency’s image. Through the design and layout you can create a familiarity that will be more welcoming of potential candidates.


Bare necessities

Given that the screen of a mobile is a lot smaller than the monitors that your website is designed for, you should only display the necessary information. This will allow you to keep the design cleaner which will in turn make your site a lot clearer and easier to navigate.

Too much information can be overwhelming and make the user feel lost. Remember that as easy as mobile access is, it is just as easy to dismiss and move onto something else. Facebook and Candy Crush Em are only one click away!


Quickly, quickly

The bandwidth of the phone should be taken into consideration; any graphics that require time to load could deter potential jobseekers. Make your site as easy to access as possible – and not just to iPhone: people will view your website from all types of devices.

Also, you should consider how many buttons and links the user has to work through. This can be fine as long as the pages don’t take a lot of loading time. The same goes for scrolling – it can be easier to navigate as long as it doesn’t go on forever.


The important bits

The most crucial part of your site, which you want to make as clear and accessible as possible, is of course applying for jobs! You want to make sure that the user is able to submit their CV or email address simply, with clear direction. It may also be useful to allow the candidate to track the status of their application considering the accessibility granted by mobile devices.

On top of this you want to ensure you clearly display your contact information and links to social media where relevant.



Maximise the use of the medium by using the networking abilities of a mobile phone. Make it easy for potential employees to share content from the site with clear access to social media if available. Referrals and share buttons will allow your site to interconnect with the users’ social networks and reach further.

The increased prominence of social media on mobile phones has made inter-connectivity easier than ever and highly beneficial, so why miss out.

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