5 things that mobile could change for recruiters in 2014


In what feels like an incredibly long recession, finally 2014 is looking to bring a much needed ray of sunshine. Indeed, the IRP predicts market “acceleration” and therefore serious growth. Pressures on margins still remain, and competition – it will come as no surprise – is still white hot. Recruiters need to pull out all the stops to remain ahead and keeping abreast of mobile technology is paramount.


Sort out your website

86% of jobseekers would use their smartphone to search for a job. Yet, despite this, only 1 in 7 companies has invested in developing their websites to become mobile-friendly. All your major job boards (including Totaljobs of course) have developed apps specifically for this purpose but there’s still a way to go for companies to catch up, and stop missing out on potentially brilliant candidates. Make sure your company is not left behind!


Hanging on the telephone

Although the art of the telephone conversation is by no means dead, sometimes it can be a time-consuming method of contacting candidates – particularly if you need to contact lots of candidates very quickly. Increased use of mobile technology amongst candidates and recruiters will mean that you can fire out a message to multiple candidates simultaneously, instead of waiting for calls to connect, leaving voicemails if necessary etc. The most astute candidates using mobile will see the message and come back to you straight away meaning you’ve done the job quickly and efficiently.


Access the best candidates

An effective job search has moved way beyond simply checking out the local rag. The resources online are endless and therefore to ensure candidates are conducting a thorough search they will need to use any spare time to be on the case.  46% of jobseekers said one of the biggest advantages of using their mobile to job search is that they could search and apply instantly. Recruiters need to be reaching these busy and go-getting candidates: Mobile job sites that have functions such as “one-click apply” will encourage the mobile-savvy jobseekers to apply simply because it’s so easy.

This may not guarantee the perfect applicants every time but as any good recruiter knows , candidate A may not be right for job X but could be great for company Y who you know will be recruiting soon. The more mobile applications you receive the more quickly you can grow your pool of candidates.


Let candidates access you

It’s no secret that hours worked in the recruitment industry can get a little crazy, so using mobile will keep you in the loop instantly, with faster response times, and quicker fills and re-fills. Not only this, but being able to answer any candidate queries quickly creates a better service, and being able to deal with more quick out-of-hours queries with mobile means you can focus your time in the office on other tasks.


Get the gadgets

You know what a smartphone is, you know what a tablet is. Get one, or both. Perhaps you already do. To stay ahead in this old game we call recruitment you need to utilise your smart gizmos for more than just Candy Crush. You need to be using it wisely and flexibly, and you can bet serious money that your competitors will be straight on the case of maximising the technology.

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