5 signs of a great recruiter


Recruitment is a profession that demands a high level of drive, commitment and efficiency. Average recruiters then, don’t tend to stay in this business for long. So, in a world of fine recruiters, what are the signs of a great recruiter? Below are five of their traits: follow their lead to make a good job even better.

1.  They can speak to anybody but it doesn’t stop there

It helps if a recruiter is a people person, but even introverts can excel at putting themselves in the vital role of networker and relationship builder. It is not enough to simply be good at making contacts. That is a starting point, but for any initial connection to evolve into a business result you need to show genuine interest and give time. By building the trust of a client coupled with their experience of your professional qualities, you can encourage their loyalty for next time they have a vacancy in need of filling. Satisfied jobseekers are likely to spread the word of all you did for them too.

2.  They’re honourable people

Integrity and compassion are worth the weight in gold for recruiters. From the outside, recruitment is often seen as a functional profession of fitting people into the jobs that need to be done. But the value and reward of being a recruiter comes through developing relationships and genuinely caring about fulfilling people’s requirements and needs, therefore making a point of providing a good service. Remaining trustworthy, reliable and open in your dealings with clients and candidates draws repeat business and ensures you establish an excellent professional reputation.


3.  They stay in tune with new technology

Recruiters don’t have to be computer geeks but it is important to be up to speed with ever-changing software solutions and social networking trends. Computerised recruitment tools enable you to easily keep track of candidates’ progress and sharpen your approach when dealing with clients. The information is there at your fingertips. Social networking has come a long way since Friends Reunited and MySpace. Ever more sophisticated, it is important to recognise and utilise its networking function beyond the level of an everyday user.


4.  They maintain a balanced approach

To excel in the world of recruitment, it is vital to ensure that both client and candidate are fully satisfied with their placement. The client is seeking an employee with a particular skill set and level of experience, while the candidate has their own expectations such as career development and level of re-numeration that must be taken into account. Really listening to what each requires from the other party will ensure you make highly effective matches.


5.  Their finger stays on the pulse

There is so much more to recruitment than filling job vacancies. A great recruiter knows that their success isn’t just a matter of winning the numbers game. It is keeping abreast of developments in the fields and companies with which they work, having their antennae up for networking opportunities via anything from conferences to social media, and developing relationships with hiring managers and candidates they seek to place. Remain alert and committed wherever you are in the recruitment process, from before a job opening is available through to maintaining relationships with client and employee after the post has been filled.

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