3 ways to boost your social recruiter profile


With the advent of social media, the world feels like a much smaller place. It’s so much easier to connect and communicate with people and it’s undeniably opened a lot of doors. However, the sheer scope of the internet means that you can become inundated with information. How do you pick the good from the bad? And how do you stand out above the white noise of so many other users?

Social media is certainly emerging as an important recruitment tool you can’t afford to ignore. In 2011, Jobvite surveyed the American job market and found nearly nine out of 10 jobseekers had social media profiles, with 84% of the market being on Facebook, 39% on Twitter and 35% on LinkedIn.

Nearly a third of all jobseekers maintained profiles on all three and the numbers are certain to have grown with the platforms’ continuing popularity. We took a look at some of the most influential social recruiter profiles for some tips on how you could boost your online profile and create a memorable personal brand with real punch.


Keep it simple

A clear, concise call to action is crucial to maximising your recruitment efforts. Whether it’s your ‘About’ page on Facebook or your short Twitter bio, always be sure to offer a direct link to the landing page of most interest to your audience – in this case, for example, a careers page. You definitely need customised profile pictures and backgrounds, but keep it relevant. Choose a profile picture that’s welcoming and adds an individual presence to your account. As a recruiter, it’s important to be approachable after all. Also always stay on the side of simplicity when it comes to background images and headers. Stick to something that’s relevant to how you wish to project yourself and don’t go overboard. Remember what happened to MySpace when they allowed people to overload their profile pages with insane graphics and videos. (And if you’re now struggling to remember what MySpace was, well, that’s the point.)



Always respond to any enquiries and try to make it as personable as possible. People respond much more favourably when they feel they’re actually communicating with another human being…not what feels like an automated response system quoting from a corporate charter.

Taking a leaf out of Google’s book is also a good idea – the online giant’s twitter recruitment account regularly posts photos and videos, as well as worldwide job opportunities, painting a clear, enticing picture of their company culture. Ask questions, offer competitions and actively encourage your users to join the conversation. And always, always be consistent in your approach. By making the effort to shed that faceless corporation stigma often attached to business presence online, people will warm to your brand and be more open, in turn, in engaging with you. In creating a relationship, you’re becoming a more influential part of people’s lives. It’s not just about engaging with your followers either, by starting a conversation with other relevant publications or market leaders, you’ll start to carve out your own recognisable online identity.



Ideally, you want your social media presence to be steady. That means you need to offer people a reason to stick around, even if they may already have found a job or fulfilled their recruitment needs. The best way to do this is by retweeting other relevant users, which can also help bring new users to your page, and by sharing useful content. Start creating content as well, offer a new perspective on things. Go for quality over quantity and users will think of your tips and advice as something exclusive and valuable. On Twitter, hashtags can also be used very effectively to increase your reach as you can drag in new users searching for particular content. Use them sparingly however as a tweet that consists of 60% hashtags tend to infuriate regular users.  Global Recruitment, listed by aggregator WeFollow as one of the top 5 most influential recruiters on Twitter, is a great example of how to provide original content to followers across various sectors without overloading them.

Most importantly, when it comes to your social media presence remember that moderation is key. Be very aware of the volume of content you’re producing – it’s a fine balance between being informative and engaging, and looking like a spam account. Remember, social media is all about attracting and maintaining attention. Get people talking and you’re on the right track!

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