10 recruitment resolutions for 2013

So what are our New Year’s resolutions for 2013? Well I know that from speaking with my clients, their top priorities for next year are reducing cost per hire, taking more control of their employer brand and improving internal processes. This all amounts to employers developing their own direct hiring strategies and reducing their reliance on recruitment agencies. So what resolutions do in-house recruiters need to make this happen? Here’s a starter for ten.


1 .   Make sure you have the best talent available for your own in-house teams. Very often in-house recruitment teams are made up of those people who didn’t want to be recruitment consultants and/or didn’t want to work in HR. In-house teams need to be passionate about in-house. It sounds obvious, but have they got the right people on the bus?


2.    Make sure the team has a comprehensive understanding of the internal recruitment process, the organisation’s hiring targets for 2013 and the employer brand.


3.    Engage with everyone in the candidate database, at the very least by sending a branded email to every candidate. Employers will need to adopt effective candidate management and communication strategies. 2013 is the year that the Employers start to communicate with their candidate database and treat them as customers.


4.    Respond to every applicant in 2013 as a minimum requirement (see above)


5.    Proactively network and raise the awareness and credibility of the in-house team to the rest of the business. It’s the team’s responsibility to get out from behind their desks and start networking with the rest of the business. Running informal intelligence gathering sessions with key stakeholders to build a clearer picture of what type of candidates they need to be approaching and where to find them.


6.    Improve the referral schemes and proactively promote them throughout the business. Very few organisations in the UK are running effective referral schemes. In the US employee referral are running in excess of 50%. Employee referrals are generally regarded as a better source of hires for all companies, and cheaper! However the referral schemes need to be rigorously promoted internal or they just won’t work.


7.    Resolve not to copy and paste job descriptions online and pretend they are job ads. A job ad is NOT a job description, they perform different roles. A job ad is designed to grab people’s attention and get them interested in your job. A copy and pasted job description online gives a poor first impression of the organisation and will adversely affect response rates.


8.    Apply for a job through your own ATS and check the candidate experience is all that it should be. Is our ATS doing everything we want it to? How easy is it to apply for a job within the business? Let’s check it out for ourselves, how many of us have honestly tried this?


9.    Develop a mobile version of your career site. 27% of emails are now opened on mobile devices. 25% of job searches on Google are conducted on a mobile phone. If job seekers are looking at your career site from a mobile device you need to make sure they are getting a good experience.


10.    Understand which social media channels work for the business. Let’s get this squared away in 2013. The numbers around how many people use social media are staggering – 91% of global adults online use social media regularly. But not all social media channels are going to be right for your resourcing strategy. You need to audit which channels are relevant to your business.


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