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Training new recruiters

The phrase: ‘We all have to start somewhere’ may now appear hackneyed, but it is true. To get the best out of new staff, you need to put the effort in and then take a step back when the time is right. Getting the balance right when training new recruiters can be hard, if you are too hands-off, a new.
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Apprenticeships: are they making a difference?

Two key things happened in the jobs market towards the end of last year. In November, youth unemployment topped the landmark figure of 1 million; and around the same time, the Government announced it would boost spending on apprenticeships by £250m as part of a wider £1bn youth unemployment package. During 2011, the Government spent a total of £1.4bn to create.
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How to treat candidates well

How you treat a candidate during the recruitment process is usually a pretty good indicator of what sort of employer you are and how you look after your clients and customers.  And every sensible employer knows that attracting and recruiting talent is paramount to the ongoing success of an organisation. Despite this common knowledge, some jobseekers are still being treated with.
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